Night Shift Launch

A.P. Atkinson

Our latest novel – Night Shift – is now up and available on our site. This completely free Urban-Horror mixes elements of Detective Noir and a subtle dash of Science-Fiction to make a unique new story that involves a lot of ripped-off faces, eaten eyeballs and people tearing off their own heads. While this is all pretty normal stuff for a Saturday night in South-East London, this gritty urban novel, set on the mean streets of England’s capitol, still manages to push the boundaries.

Our new novel is completely free to read on our site and to celebrate the launch, we’re giving it away for two days on Amazon as well, so anyone who wants a free copy to read on their Kindle can get one now.

Night Shift – Free on Amazon Kindle 26th/27th September (US time).

Click for FREE Amazon copy

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