Night Shift

A.P. Atkinson - Seth Godwynn

Night Shift is a horror novel that takes a new and different approach to the genre. It combines elements of Detective-Noir with Science-Fiction to create a surreal experience that draws the reader into a world that’s more vast and complicated than they ever imagined. Night Shift is a unique free horror story, and after reading it, you’ll never see the world quite the same way again.

“The world is way more complicated than most people know. Most people don’t even want to know. They go through their lives just believing that what they can see, hear and feel is all there is to it. It makes them feel safe, I suppose... But the world isn’t like that: it’s bigger and less safe than you ever imagined! And once you see it for what it is, there is no going back."

Quote from 'Night Shift'

"People always laugh at the horror movies, don’t they? They always say, 'He should have run out of there', or 'She shouldn’t be going there alone'. But that’s really what you do—you can’t help it! Something takes over, something deep inside. You tell yourself you’re just being silly and there’s nothing to be afraid of. This is real life—there are no monsters here."

Quote from 'Night Shift'

"He wrenched at his jaw, pulling it free while dragging his own head backwards. The flesh around his mouth tore, the skin ripping back as he pulled his own face apart. His breathing was ragged and he was gasping loudly as blood gushed from inside his mouth, little bubbles ripping through the oozing crimson, cascading out like a grizzly fountain."

Quote from 'Night Shift'

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Night Shift

Mallory is a totally normal and uninteresting young man from a totally normal and boring suburb. He works a totally normal and mundane job and lives a totally normal and dull life. He’s not the sort of person who expects to come home and find that something so terrible has happened that nobody will ever believe his story.

Is he descending into madness or is the entire world coming apart around him? Is there anyone who can help when the universe suddenly stops making sense? Does a mysterious, shadowy detective have the answers he’s looking for, and will Mallory be able to understand the truth when he finds it?

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