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The Edgeverse is a cohesive fictional universe created by the best writers you've never heard of

The Edgeverse is a universe that spans multiple genres, times and places. From hundreds of years in the future, at the frontier of known space, to the backstreets of London, this universe has something for every reader.

Books and Novels

At Edgeverse our main goal is to produce the best new independent fiction. The quality of our work is our main concern and each and every one of our novels has been written with this thought in mind.

Our book gallery has a wide variety of quality fiction so check it out and see we have for you.

Who the hell are we?

The Edge-Universe poses many questions, such as who made it, why did they bother and why should anyone else care?

The Edgeverse is the steaming pile of fiction created by A.P. Atkinson and Seth Godwynn, caffeine addicts, borderline alcoholics, deviants and essentially crminials that have been described as creative genuises by absolutely nobody.

"Your opinion means nothing to me,” Number 2 said with a shrug. “You’ve set the bar so low that people would find me the more appealing of us if my face had been torn off in an industrial accident by a faulty face- replacement manufacturing machine."

A fairly typical conversation between Number 1 and Number 2 - Blips

There are several opportunities to read our books for free without going to the minor inconvenience of stealing them. We offer three completely free books that you can download in your preferred format. We don’t collect your email address or details. Simply click to get your free copy.


A.P. Atkinson and Seth Godwynn

Blips is completely free to read on our site and explains the origins of the entire universe. Read free online if you desperately need to waste several hours of your precious life.

Hawk-Eye: Traffic

A.P. Atkinson

Traffic is the first novel in the Hawk-Eye trilogy. You can read it completely free by simply clicking on the cover on the free page. It couldn’t be easier.

A Novel Approach

Seth Godwynn

Seth Godwynn, successful professional writer and accomplished editor lays out in plain language what it takes to complete a novel. It’s not easy to master everything that’s involved but this novel certainly helps.