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The Edgeverse is a cohesive fictional universe created by the best new independent writers you've never heard of

The Edgeverse is a universe that spans multiple genres, times and places. From hundreds of years in the future, at the frontier of known space, to the backstreets of London, this universe has free books for every reader.

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We update frequently and here are our latest posts. We have short stories that we call ‘Blips’, articles for writers, a blog and news. Check out our archive to see all the terrible things we do in the name of artistic expression.

“You need help,” she told him simply. “You’ve got yourself into a situation that you can’t get out of alone. This isn’t going to get better—it’s going to get worse. You’re not the sort of person who can deal with things like this alone.”~NovelSource: Night ShiftTweet

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Edgeverse is the home of free independent books and novels. All of our books are free to read online on our embedded PDF reader. You can read every one of our books completely without charge, saving you the minor inconvenience of stealing them. All of our books are also available in other formats at a small cost. You can read them on Amazon Unlimited or buy a paperback. We also welcome donations if you’re in the position to support us in building the future of indie publishing.

“Where I work, they pay me in pizza and coffee,” Red told her. “I haven’t been there very long but I’m assuming the retirement package isn’t very good.”

~NovelSource: Hawk-Eye: FamilyTweet
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We are keen to help other new Indie authors to promote their work. With that in mind, we’ve set up a gallery on our site. If you’re interested in posting with us, we’ll add a sample of your published book as well as the blurb, genre and some details about the author. We’ll also include a sales link and a personal link to either your website or social media.

Readers can now find a sample of the best new independent novels, vote and leave comments on their favourites.

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Free resources for independent authors. We have a growing selection of free articles with pointers and advice for new writers. Check it out and feel free to contact us if there’s something you’d like us to talk about.
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