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Edgeverse is a new kind of indie publisher. We bring the best new authors you’ve never heard of to a largely unprepared audience. As well as the latest high-quality work, we have a selection of entirely free novels, free stories and articles from our authors, as well as advice on how to create high quality writing of your own.

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“So, the glitch has resulted in an acute instance of cranial displacement,” he explained. “To rephrase that in layman’s terms, my head has dropped off.”~NovelSource: EdgeTweet
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Our short story collection is always free. Dive into the shallow-end of fiction here


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“Myself, I just came to fully understand that there is really only one person, and that one person is actually all of us. When you understand that, then my perspective, the eyes I look out from behind, can be any pair of eyes at all."~NovelSource: Night ShiftTweet

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