Writing Prompts

A great creative exercise is writing on-demand from a random source. So, to help you with your short stories, or to give a hand to all the new and aspiring authors, we’ve included a writing-prompt generator. By simply refreshing the page, the writing-prompts will be changed at random. Write your stories around these suggestions where our page will create a title, a protagonist, a theme and a setting for you. Every time you come back, a different set of options will be waiting for you.

Can you write something for every suggestion you get?


The title is the identity of your story and is the first thing about your work to connect with the audience. Can you create an interesting story, building on the possibilities that a random title offers?

The title of your story
Dragon's Breath


The protagonist is the person whose perspective the story is told from. They are the main character in your narrative but they don’t need to be a hero, or even someone the audience is meant to like. What’s more important is that we understand them. Draw on your own experiences to paint a vibrant and realistic character.

Your protagonist
A genius


The setting is the stage upon which your story will happen. A detailed and gritty background will make your tale feel grounded and realistic while a more fanciful one will drive more attention to the characters. Choose how to use this choice to make your story work.

Where your story is going to happen
An office


If the plot is the ‘mind’ of your story then the theme is the ‘heart’. This is the underlying message that your narrative revolves around and the message embedded into every carefully-chosen word.

The theme of your story


Genre is the classification of your story and helps the audience to choose if your writing is right for them. Working in genres you’re not accustomed to is a great way of learning the craft.

Your genre

Try using one or all of these prompts to create new stories that take you of what’s familiar and help you expand into new territory. As you gain experience, trying using more of the prompts in a single story. A master writer should be able to craft a tale using all of these suggestions in a single story.

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