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The Edge

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Station AEOS401 is right on the Edge of known space; but what lies beyond what is known?


At the very limit of known space is the Frontier. It is the last bastion of normalcy left in a growing universe that we’re becoming increasingly aware that we don’t really understand at all.

Along a distant corner of the outer realm is a station, a place that hovers on the brink. Beyond there is the unknown, a place where all that exists is rumours, whispers and lies. What is really happening at the Edge?


The Edge is an intelligent, epic science-fiction Space-Opera set in a future universe where space travel is commonplace. It’s a world where three major races have come together to form the Alliance, a growing union of colonies that is constantly expanding.

It follows the stories of ordinary people, making their way to the furthest reaches of The Frontier, the front line of the Alliance as it spreads its influence on an unexpected galaxy.

The stories intertwine and build up into a single, sprawling narrative that changes the nature of the universe for all time.

This story is inspired by the great science-fiction novels that we grew up reading by such legends as Isaac Asimpv, Arthur C. Clarke and Frank Herbert.


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“Three days later, I was sent out with my squad. I shot down two of them on my first patrol. I just looked at their bodies, all ripped open from the inside, as if my bullets had just exploded in their little chests. One of them was no older than me; one was a lot younger.

~NovelSource: Hawk-Eye: LegacyTweet

A Novel Approach

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How to write a really good novel, why it isn’t easy and why not everyone is doing it.

Nobody expects to buy a guitar and suddenly find themselves able to put out a best-selling album, yet many people seem to think that all you need to write a novel is an idea and a laptop.

This book takes you through what’s involved in creating a novel, from the first uneasy steps, through characters and plotting, to making an ending that will satisfy your audience.

Written in plain English, this book gives new authors a solid introduction to what’s really involved in constructing a quality piece of writing. It includes a series of exercises and a glossary of terms, written in a no-nonsense, easy to understand style.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to writing your novel.

A Novel Approach is a no-nonsense guide to creating a fictional book. It takes you through the whole process, from developing your first ideas to building a cohesive plot. It shows how there’s no shortcuts in the search for creating quality content.

Sometimes funny, sometimes blunt, this book doesn’t aim to fill you with false hope, it lays out the absolute truth of what it really takes to become a professional.

This is recommended only for the serious author.


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Extra Information

I went to the cargo bay to find Ma’a’H this morning, and a small furry white thing in a cage barked at me and then began to growl. It was delicious.~NovelSource: EdgeTweet

Hawk-Eye: Traffic

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Cutting edge technology. A man with no memory. A new street-drug. High-speed police pursuit motorcycles. What could possibly go wrong?

He wakes up with no memory of who he is. As the world floods in through his shattered mind he begins to realise that he might just be in a little bit of trouble.

What is the Hawk-Eye, a mysterious piece of experimental technology from the 1980s? At the heart is a computer so advanced that nothing built since has come close to matching its power. This was once all abandoned, but now the project has been found and is in the hands of a socially inept scientist and a man who likes to punch things.

Who built it and what does it have to do with a man who doesn’t even know his own name? Who are the strange, shadowy people that live in this murky underground world of secrets and lies and what do they want with him?

More importantly, why doesn’t he have any clothes?

Hawk-Eye – Traffic is an action-thriller in the style of 80s TV. It’s a re-imagining of your favourite 1980s television ‘super-vehicle’ and adventure-style shows that some of us grew up watching. It’s like being immersed in your favourite story from the decade that brought us the ‘mullet’, only it’s been updated and modernised with a strong plot and relatable characters.

It mixes the classically comedic tongue-in-cheek tone of the time with moments of shocking darkness as it takes the audience on a wild ride into an adventure that might just change their world forever, and make heroes out of villains.

It’s like Knight Rider, The A Team, Street Hawk, Viper, Airwolf, Blue Thunder, Firefox, The Man From UNCLE and Tron all got thrown into a blender and this is what came out.


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Extra Information

If that had happened on the face he’d worn last time, it would have been very attractive; this time, not so much. It looked like a sexy, seductive expression was being attempted by a grey-seal while it was busy having a stroke.

~NovelSource: BlipsTweet

Hawk-Eye: Family

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A faster than average brain. An ability to punch unpunchable things. Mild autism. The worst set of super-powers ever assembled. It’s going to go wrong again.

The Hawk-Eye team need to take the time to recover but does the world around them have other plans? Has the existence of this ageing technology awoken something even more terrible than they could imagine?

To battle the rise of unknown forces, the team must discover the hidden truth about the origins of the Hawk-Eye. In order to survive, they must face off against unstoppable killing machines and a slightly threatening motorcycle gang.

Isolated from one another, they must learn to come together if they have a hope of surviving against impossible odds. They must face their darkest fears and face the hardest choice of their lives.

It’s all going to go wrong again.

Hawk-Eye – Family follows on directly from where the last one left off.

Now, our group of heroes are left to find their feet, working out how they fit together and what it’s going to take to turn them into a team. While they’re apart, coming to terms with who they now are, a new and mysterious threat attacks the Hawk-Eye.

The team will learn that it’s not enough to just be themselves when the lives of their families might be at stake.


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Extra Information

“Do I have an STD?!” she chuckled. Regaining her composure, she added a little more sympathetically, “Mate, I only need two more for the full set!”~NovelSource: A-HolesTweet

Hawk-Eye: Legacy

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Invisible super-soldiers, treachery, horrible pyjama choices and a glimpse into the past that looks set to become the future. How much more wrong can this go?

It all goes wrong again for the Hawk-Eye team as they are given their first official assignment. Can they discover what’s going on while there’s still time to do something about it? What dark and twisted forces are at work trying to stop them?

As even their friends turn against them, can they find out how the events of the past have shaped their destinies? They will need to form new alliances, discover who can be trusted and fight to save everything they have ever believed in.

Can they find the truth before the truth finds them?

The team are given their first officially-sanctioned assignment, one where they’re to be tested and challenged before a decision is made about their future.

They investigate an apparently accidental death of an officer who worked for a shadowy secret group of the government. Unfortunately, it’s known that he was in fear of his life and he took precautions that were to set off a chain of events if anything were to happen to him. Can the Hawk-Eye team work out what really happened, and what the consequences will be before his plan is unleashed on the city?


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Extra Information

“The trouble with eggs, is that once you find out what’s inside, you can’t put them back together again. And when you get right down to it, what’s inside is always pretty much the same. It’s just a mess that someone else has to clean up.”~NovelSource: Night ShiftTweet


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Teaching English as a foreign language is serious business

Paul has just qualified as an English teacher and is now living abroad, ready to show the world who he truly is. He’s ready to mould the pliant minds of the young, to impart his sage wisdom and to prepare them to face their future dreams.

Sadly for Paul, it’s not quite as easy as he thought it would be. He’s about to discover that young people’s minds aren’t as pliant as he thought, he doesn’t have any sage wisdom to impart and that your dreams can easily turn into a nightmare.

A-Holes is a comedy drama about teaching English in a foreign country. It’s a fictional account but is rooted in the genuine experiences of the author, Jack, who has taught around the world for way too many years.

The story follows Paul, a new teacher fresh out of the two-week training course that’s required before he’s put in front of the impressionable mind of young people. He learns a lot more than they do as he experiences the downs, and further downs, of lives abroad.

The book has strong adult tones and themes and isn’t suitable for sensitive people, those who are easily influenced or are younger than older, responsible teens.

All proceeds from this book will be used to support the educations of young people in Cambodia, ensuring they get the best possible chance for the bright futures they deserve.


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Extra Information

“So, the glitch has resulted in an acute instance of cranial displacement,” he explained. “To rephrase that in layman’s terms, my head has dropped off.”~NovelSource: EdgeTweet


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In a near-future world of darkness and light, have people forgotten what it means to be human?

Mankind has found peace as great cities have risen from the chaos of the twentieth century. We have been freed from the burden of our toils by machines, robotic servants with cloned humanoid bodies that obey our every command. We have finally found peace, an end to war, an end to poverty and an an end to disease.

At the edge of these cities are the ‘dark-sides’, grim and lawless places where terrible things happen. What price did we pay to put the mistakes of our past behind us? Did we truly release something far more terrible on ourselves?

The Box is a near-future science-fiction, set in a world that is drawing ever closer. While on the surface, it might appear almost utopian, there is a darkness to the foundations that this future is built on.

Biotekk units are the backbone of the labour-force. They are considered robots, they have technologically augmented brains inside a cloned and artificially-developed body. They’re a cheap, simple way to free humans from the shackles of their everyday lives.

But what does it really mean to be human? Has mankind lost a part of what they were by handing over their jobs to these machines, and are these machines really so much less than we are?

In a world where the edges between people and machines are so blurred, what does it really mean to be human?

This novel was inspired by the intelligent and philosophical science fiction books by George Orwell, Aldus Huxley, Phillip K Dick and Ray Bradbury, such as Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World and 1984.


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Extra Information

“If you were me, I’d have the gun,” he said thoughtfully. “Frankly, I think we’d both be better off.” He rolled his head round again, just managing to make eye contact. “Do you want to try it? I think you’d be pleasantly surprised.”

~NovelSource: Hawk-Eye: TrafficTweet

The Human Race

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A mysterious challenge offers the chance to win a share of a million pounds. Who is behind it, what is at stake and what will the contestants have to face if they want to win?

A mysterious website asks if you have a motorcycle and if you’d like to earn a share of a million pounds. If you sign up to join the competition, you will face an unknown challenge that will push you to the edge of reason, and perhaps beyond. What kind of people would be desperate enough to risk everything in the hope of solving the ultimate challenge?

How far would you go?

The Human Race is a modern, contemporary drama set in the increasingly desperate streets of London. Filled with irreverent humour, it tracks the competitors in a challenge that demands that complete strangers work together to earn a share of a million pounds; if they manage to survive.

This is a gritty urban story of desperation where normal, everyday people are pitched against terrible odds in their quest to break out of their lives.

Each chapter follows a pair of ordinary people as they face extraordinary circumstances as the larger narrative evolves around them.

If you had a chance to change everything, how far would you go to achieve your dreams?


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Extra Information

Red slapped his arm and said, not entirely constructively, “I like it when old people are casually racist. It makes it funnier somehow.”

~NovelSource: Hawk-Eye: FamilyTweet


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The true story about the nature of the universe is finally told - badly.

Number 1 and Number 2 work to monitor and protect the universe. From their office, a workplace that can manifest itself in any manner it chooses, they carefully watch all of reality, just in case the worst happens.

They exist as disembodied entities, floating into whatever physical form is available after applying for jobs that seemed a whole lot better before they knew exactly what they’d be doing.

But nothing can possibly go wrong, all of creation exists in infinite, beautiful forms and nothing could happen to change that.

Until one day…

A banana…

Blips is a story within a story about stories, a tale of the universe, within a universe of universes. When everything that can possibly go wrong actually does go wrong, Number 1 and Number 2 are stuck left to deal with it all.

They’re sucked into a series of cracks in the universe, forced to see the world through the eyes of the people who exist in the growing series of errors that are beginning to tear apart all of reality.

Blips is a series of highly creative, diverse short stories, all linked together by an over-arcing single narrative as the two heroes fight to stop the universe from tearing itself apart.

Blips is the best free novel you’ve ever read, based on the worst idea you’ve ever heard.


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Extra Information

“I’m not going to sugar-coat this,” he said with a dark demeanour. “You look like you were a homeless person for a while, who got so hungry that you tried to eat your own face."

~NovelSource: BlipsTweet

The World About Turns

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The greatest collection of contemporary poetry available in modern times.

Some books are destined for greatness and ‘The World About Turns’ is just such a book.

‘The Poet’ has created what is, without doubt, the finest compendium of expressive poetry that has been compiled in recent years. It stands as an example of what all modern poetry is, while being so much more besides.

The collection is not just a bundle of random thoughts, oh no, it is a journey through the world of emotions, both bitter and slightly less bitter as one man experiences the universe as only he can.

This is the world as it about turns.

This is the world of Al Warcock.

The Poet’ has created what is, without doubt, the finest compendium of expressive poetry that has been compiled in recent years. It stands as an example of what all modern poetry is, while being so much more besides.

The collection is not just a bundle of random thoughts, oh no, it is a voyage into prose as one man experiences the universe as only he can.

This slice of utter genius, by the master wordsmith, could change the world (of poetry) forever. ***

This is the world as it about turns.

This is the world of Al Warcock.

The Poet’

* Greatness is a subjective concept. We make no promise as to the future greatness of this work.

** Life changing experiences are not guaranteed.

*** It won’t.


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Extra Information

“You seem like a fine, decent man who loves his mother, and probably gives money to charity. I was just wondering if you’d see fit to stop threatening to blow my brains clean out through the side of my head, and just explain where I actually am, if it’s not too much trouble, please?”

~NovelSource: Hawk-Eye: TrafficTweet

Cafe Noir

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Silver has always known she was different and now she’s about to discover why.

Silver is a teenage student living in the capitol city of Tapor. Her father was an American and he left when she was very young. She’s always known that she was different from other people and she has built a secret second life that she hides from everyone that knows her.

Can she keep her two lives separate, keeping her teachers, her friends and her family from discovering the truth?

One wrong move and both lives might come crashing down around her and then, who knows what she might discover?

Cafe Noir is a Young-Adult novel set in the fictional Asian country of Tapor. Written by new Young-adult author, Carolina Sorn when she was still 18, this book follows the life of a half-American student, Silver. As well as studying in a private school in the capitol, she has a part-time job in the afternoon, probably the worst possible job a teenager could have.

As well as being a classic coming-of-age story, this tells the tale of a young girl finding out who she really is, in every sense. This is about Silver going on a journey of discovery to find out the truth about her past, present and future

This novel wasn’t inspired by The Maze Runner, Divergent, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. We mention it purely to improve our SEO score.


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Extra Information

His brain was now the property of the merchant fleet, who also owned everything below Betty’s waist and above her knees after she signed up for trials of the not entirely successful ‘self-delivering tampon’ experiment.

~NovelSource: BlipsTweet

Rob and Dave

Serves. No Useful Purpose.

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Many years in the future, there is a gargantuan vessel, journeying from the Earth to the Frontier colonies. It is a time of mighty heroes and great explorers as mankind expands into the galaxy. They have technology beyond the dreams or modern mankind and unspeakable power at their fingertips…

This is not their story.

Rob and Dave: Serves. No Useful Purpose, is a comedy science-fiction inspired by an unhealthy fascination with ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and all things Douglas Adams.

Rob is an engineer with bright orange hair who has taken a year out to go travelling across the galaxy, from Earth, at the heart of the Alliance, to the Frontier, out past its anus.

He is working aboard ‘The Nebulous’, a grand star-travelling hotel staffed by a crew trained to a ‘secondary-standard’, which is the common euphemism for barely-qualified idiots who don’t quite earn minimum-wage.

But, even in his most secondary nightmares, he never imagined something of the standard of Dave.

The legend begins.
This story is a homage to our hero, Douglas Adams and his brilliant series of novels, ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.


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Extra Information

I blinked incredulously. “There isn’t really a ‘Dancing Rhinoceros School for International Excellence’ is there?” I hoped there wasn’t. Rhinoceroses were rarely known for dancing or excellence, but to be fair, neither were the local schools.~NovelSource: A-HolesTweet

Night Shift

When he opens a door to a horrifying new world, it might not be possible to ever close it again.

Mallory is a totally normal and uninteresting young man from a totally normal and boring suburb. He works a totally normal and mundane job and lives a totally normal and dull life. He’s not the sort of person who expects to come home and find that something so terrible has happened that nobody will ever believe his story.

Is he descending into madness or is the entire world coming apart around him? Is there anyone who can help when the universe suddenly stops making sense? Does a mysterious, shadowy detective have the answers he’s looking for, and will Mallory be able to understand the truth when he finds it?


Night Shift is a horror novel that takes a new and different approach to the genre. It combines elements of Detective-Noir with Science-Fiction to create a surreal experience that draws the reader into a world that’s more vast and complicated than they ever imagined.

Night Shift has a dark tone throughout, contains strong depictions of violence and some seriously weird stuff. It’s not recommended for anyone who scares easily, is offended by adult themes or who wets the bed. Grown-ups only, Please.

This follows in the footsteps of horror stories by such legendary authors as Bram Stoker and James Herbert. Not so much Stephen King, we’re not big fans. 


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Extra Information

His memory was not quite yet everything that it used to be, with more holes in it than the plot of a poorly-written 80s nostalgia science-fiction/comedy novel. “What is that—dinner? We’re having Chinese?”

~NovelSource: Hawk-Eye: TrafficTweet

The Bad Place

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Do you dare stare into The Bad Place?

Between the darkest, most macabre horror and the realm of the very, very, very silly lies a midnight realm of nonsense where normalcy, common sense and decency take a much-needed holiday.
This is a world where vampires and werewolves roam, where mountain goats go missing from nice apartments, where ghosts haunt the living and the living get fed up with all this craziness

The Dark Place is a glowing beacon of darkness piercing into the light, it’s 10 000 spoons when all you need is a knife  and it’s 50 shades of Gray when you wanted to read something good.

Check out the finest collection of shorty stories by the masters of nonsense.
The Bad Place – the literary equivalent of repeatedly slamming your fingers in a car door.


The Bad Place is a collection of short stories, each story shorter than the last. With a vaguely horrific theme, this ridiculously mix bag of insanity takes a gigantic shit on popular works of literary fiction.
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – we mercilessly destroy it.
Twilight by, we assume, a plastic duck – we mock it relentlessly.
Teen slasher movies – we like those so we just gently make fun of them.
50 Shades of Gray – we bend it over and violently abuse it, the way it violently abused the English language.
Zombies – wrecked
Vampires – poked with a stick
Werewolves – destroyed
Ghosts – obliterated. Twice.
Jekyll and Hyde – shredded.
The Happening – it sort of destroyed itself but we had a pop at it anyway, just out of spite.
Frankenstein – I think we forgot that one.
Satan – slammed.
Witches – splattered.

This horrific and macabre set of stories veers wildly from genuinely disturbing horror to outright comedy all set in ‘The Bad Place’ which is nothing like ‘The Twilight Zone’ for legal reasons.


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Extra Information

“I am willing to go to quite horrendous extremes to get to the information locked up in that empty little head of yours. Just to clarify, I do mean to say that they’ll be horrendous for you, not for me.”

~NovelSource: Hawk-Eye: TrafficTweet
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