The Human Race

A.P. Atkinson

The Human Race is a novel about ordinary, normal people as they desperately grasp one good chance to change their lives. It’s a story about life in the city, about making a living against the odds and about digging deep inside to see what it is that makes you who you really are. If you had one chance to turn it all around, how far would you go?

"Bob, I think I should tell you. I’m not gay. I’m straight. I like women.” He shrugged as his mind went off in a direction that seemed to go somewhere he was having trouble following. “I’ve never tried being gay—it might be good. I mean, women don’t tend to like me, so I might have better luck. But would it really be lucky if I was lying in bed with a man thinking, yeah that really hurt and this guy doesn’t have breasts or anything?”

Quote from 'The Human Race.' It's a lot less politically correct than I remember it being. Luckily, politically correct people don't really read.

"How about something nice for the wife?” He held up some lacy black underwear with fluffy pink balls where the nipples would sit, and a convenient opening in the crotch region for when you just couldn’t wait the five seconds it might take to slide them off."

Quote from 'The Human Race.' Worth every penny we're asking for it...

"She continued, “You are welcome to come and talk about how you have to bath him, and think about throwing in a toaster, like Mr Rogers did last week.” She roared with laughter, and then suddenly stopped, looking worried. “Do you know Mr Rogers? Because it’s meant to be anonymous—I shouldn’t say his name, or tell you he chronically masturbates while thinking about serially beating his wife with the very same toaster.” She laughed again. “We get all sorts in here.”

Quote from 'The Human Race'. It's a lot funnier than I remember too, especially since it was meant to be a drama.

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The Human Race

A mysterious website asks if you have a motorcycle and if you’d like to earn a share of a million pounds. If you sign up to join the competition, you will face an unknown challenge that will push you to the edge of reason, and perhaps beyond. What kind of people would be desperate enough to risk everything in the hope of solving the ultimate challenge?

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