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No website would be truly complete without a whole bunch of articles that nobody wants to read. Here you can find an array of writing, each more terrible than the last. As sci-fi authors we write about our love of all things geek, how to create quality novels, our daily thoughts and even smart articles that aren’t nearly as smart as we think they are. Join our crack writing team who aren’t actually on crack – allegedly.


Where else can you go on the internet for completely free premier articles that take your absolutely favourite pop-culture subjects and shit all over them?
At Edgeverse we love nothing more than wasting the precious gift of life arguing about what spaceship would beat which other spaceship in fights that never needed to happen. Join us here to find out how you too can while away those painfully long days as you wait for the sweet release of death.


This is where we hide the various articles that don’t fit anywhere else, tucked away where they can do the least damage. Here you will find what we think about the world as we half-heartedly take our anger out on a world that we’ve more or less given up on.

Writing Articles

Welcome to a whole page of literature-related writing. Here you’ll find help and advice on how to create your own stories as well as articles about our own work, other people’s and other novel-related stuff we feel like writing.


What could be better than finding out what two idiots are doing with their lives? Almost everything! Only for the truly desperate – we’ll be your friends!


This is where we thrill and amaze you by sharing information about our upcoming work. Check in often to find that we don’t update very often.

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