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Welcome to a whole page of literature-related writing. Here you’ll find help and advice on how to create your own stories as well as articles about our own work, other people’s and other novel-related stuff we feel like writing.

Positioning the Pieces

Positioning the Pieces Seth Godwynn “Wow, what an ending! I never saw that coming!” Have you ever got to the end of a really good story and thought that? It’s something we’ve all experienced many times, I’m sure, but it opens up a very interesting question that few ever stop to consider. Why does it

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The Curse of Continuity

The Curse of Continuity Can Canon at All Costs be a Counterproductive Crutch? By – Seth Godwynn Nobody likes it when a franchise contradicts itself, but often the opposite can be far, far worse. Over-reliance and over-insistence on staying true to an official continuity can often become an off-kilter crutch and an excuse for weak

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Where Did All The Creativity Go?

Where Did All The Creativity Go? (And Why Does Nobody Want To Publish Your Work?) Seth Godwynn I’m sure you’ve wondered why it is that modern entertainment is filled to overflowing with second-rate crap, while talented writers such as yourself languish, unable to get a publisher interested in reading one of your works. By comparison,

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Scams – Part 1 (Hybrid-Publishing)

Scams – Part 1 (Vanity and Hybrid-Publishing) By: Does it even matter at this point? So you’ve finished writing your novel. You’ve planned a great story, one with a fantastic and detailed plot that highlights your fascinating, vibrant characters. You’ve embedded a strong emotional core, and the narrative is littered with literary markers, metaphors and

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Freytag’s Pyramid

Freytag’s Pyramid The Legendary Guide to Plotting and Scheming A.P. Atkinson and The Other Guy The plot is the backbone of your story; it’s the tale you’re telling. If you get it wrong, you’re cheating your reader and selling them a hollow, empty illusion. The ending should feel like a reward, like a final moment

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The Leading Edge

The Leading Edge A.P. Atkinson – Seth Godwynn One novel, Edge, now has a brief video introduction that tells a little of the back-story of where this idea came from. Watch it to find out where the inspiration and central ideas originated. Edge is our central novel, set far in the future aboard a crumbling

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Serves. No useful characters

Serves. No Useful Characters The league of unremarkable ‘gentlemen’ The characters you’ll learn to love in a story that most people will hate Even a terrible, poorly-written story, set in the imagination of a piece of self-aware stoneware needs characters. But, a story that’s so universally terrible that several calls to have the writers executed

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Research A.P. Atkinson A question that’s asked a lot is about the nature of research, and whether or not you need to do it. To me it seems rather obvious. It’s like eating a spicy curry and sitting on a yellow velvet sofa the next morning. Your stomach is growling at you so loudly that

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