A.P. Atkinson - Seth Godwynn

Edge is the novel that started it all, more or less, although actually more less than more. This book is about the lives of ordinary people, doing what they have to do to survive on the frontier of known space as the Alliance expands into the unknown. What has the entire past, present and future of the known universe got to do with a man who delivers towels, a woman travelling the galaxy and a barman who likes telling stories? There’s only one way to find out...

"“Everything recycles,” she added with a shrug. “It’s the way the universe works; nothing is wasted. Everything you can imagine is used somewhere by something. That’s why you have to be careful what you imagine, don’t you suppose?”."

Quote from 'Edge.' Do you remember when all sci-fi novels had smart philosophical questions in them? No, we're not talking about Tek-Wars, William Shatner.

"It was similar to the older practice on Earth of asking if the Pope was Catholic, or if bears crapped in the woods. These phrases, however, had lost a great deal of their cultural impact now that Catholicism was largely forgotten, and bears were mostly extinct, except for a few pockets of Catholic bears believed to live somewhere in Switzerland. They had somehow survived, despite the male’s odd predilection for trying to mate with junior members of its own gender, instead of mature females."

Quote from 'Edge.' The feelings of no Catholic bears were hamed in the making of this novel. At least, none have complained so far...

"I went to the cargo bay to find Ma’a’H this morning, and a small furry white thing in a cage barked at me and then began to growl. It was delicious."

Quote from 'Edge.' What could be less fun than reading a 150k word novel about ordinary people doing ordinary things? Try writing one...

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At the very limit of known space is the Frontier. It is the last bastion of normalcy left in a growing universe that we’re becoming increasingly aware that we don’t really understand at all.

Along a distant corner of the outer realm is a station, a place that hovers on the brink. Beyond there is the unknown, a place where all that exists is rumours, whispers and lies. What is really happening at the Edge?

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