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Keeping The Ruckus Down

Keep The Ruckus Down By A.P. Ruckinson and Seth Zoomwyn I got my first Honda Ruckus by somewhat dubious means. I had an acquaintance—a friend of a friend—who owned a very beaten up and sorry little Ruckus that looked like it had only barely survived being owned by a Russian. He was gigantic; I stand […]

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Ask Edgeverse

Ask Edgeverse All of them. Have you ever read those hilarious letters people write to advice-columns? They usually revolve around a person who is desperately looking for attention and needs to have someone agree that the shitty things they’re doing really make them a completely valid person in some way. At Edgeverse we really don’t

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What’s Even the F*****g Point?

What’s Even the F*****g Point?! We couldn’t be bothered to name this article Jack (more or less) Jack has been fortunate enough to suffer a bout of summer-flu. Symptoms have been coughing up lumps of his own lungs, headaches, backaches, feeling like crap, and referring to himself in the 3rd person.  During this time where

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What pissed off Jack this week

What pissed Jack off this week A.P. Atkinson It’s about time Jack wrote a blog, said nobody whatsoever. So, Jack decided to do exactly that. There are several things that are pissing me off lately so I thought I’d just go through them in no particular order, bitching about stuff like a proper English gentleman

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Supernatural Trolling

Supernatural Trolling (When the unexplained is the status quo) Seth Godwynn If you were to ask me if I believed in the supernatural, then like any normal person, I would answer, No, of course not. It’s all a load of old nonsense. However, over the years, that load of old nonsense has presented me with

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