Hawk-Eye: Legacy


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“The next one of you to speak is going to be turned inside out, ground into sausages and fed to the more sensible one. I swear to keep you alive for as long as possible during the process!” she told them, sounding like she really meant it. She really meant it. Her mind wandered off into dark places, as it often did. “I swear that, one of these days, I will have you both fed feet-first into a paper shredder, while your stuffed skin-sacks watch on in eerie silence.”

Quote from 'Legacy.' In this third installment, Norma becomes a little more laid-back and relaxed about things.

It was Merv’s turn next. He added, “And after knowing me for three days, you moved into my spare room, telling me that there was nothing I could do about it, since I was now your best friend and I had to buy you a shiny new coffee machine for my kitchen to prove it.” Red had a point to make. “And what’s in your kitchen now?” Merv sighed, “A shiny new coffee machine.”

Quote from 'Legacy.' Friendships are formed that go beyond caffeine and waitresses.

The HERPES was not a subtle design. It was as if someone had designed the perfect stealth vehicle, one that could melt into the shadows unseen and then decided to do the absolute complete opposite of that, after receiving a very significant blow to the head. It was a big, black monstrosity of jagged sharp angles, armoured panels and bare industrialised details with an automatic cannon just hanging on the front for good measure. It would scarcely go unnoticed if it was parked next to a blind person. Even dogs didn’t like it, and often backed away, whimpering quietly to themselves.

Quote from 'Legacy'. It you don't desperately love the HERPES by now you have to question whether or not you even have a soul...

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Hawk-Eye: Legacy

It all goes wrong again for the Hawk-Eye team as they are given their first official assignment. Can they discover what’s going on while there’s still time to do something about it? What dark and twisted forces are at work trying to stop them?

As even their friends turn against them, can they find out how the events of the past have shaped their destinies? They will need to form new alliances, discover who can be trusted and fight to save everything they have ever believed in.

Can they find the truth before the truth finds them?

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