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This is where we hide the various articles that don’t fit anywhere else, tucked away where they can do the least damage. Here you will find what we think about the world as we half-heartedly take our anger out on a world that we’ve more or less given up on.


Twitter By Jack Littlebirdinson and Seth Featherwynn If you have any kind of online presence (and if you’re reading this, then it’s a fair guess that you have), you’ll know that Elon Musk has bought Twitter. Mr Musk has done this with the self-claimed intention of restoring free speech, the very cornerstone of Western civilisation, […]

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Fixing America

Fixing America By Seth Godwynn and the Bald One The United States of America, the Great Experiment. What a brilliant idea! It’s a shame you had to bring special interest groups, rule by fiat, and mob justice into it. And that’s just three examples of why you currently find yourselves where you are—a shadow of

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Moral Exhibitionism and Crisis-Jacking

Moral Exhibitionism and Crisis-Jacking Seth Godless These days, we often hear of people being accused of ‘moral exhibitionism.’ This particular naming convention, together with ‘virtue signalling’ may be fairly recent, but the behaviour it describes has been part of the human condition since human beings figured out that laziness requires less energy than doing things.

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Superpowers Seth Godwynn – additional crap jokes by Jack Superpowers are something we all have. The only trick is in identifying them. And once you do identify them, it’s only a matter of time before everything starts to look like a metaphorical nail, just waiting to be knocked into place by your metaphorical hammer. One

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It’s Crazy Not To Be Mad

It’s Crazy Not To Be Mad! (The depressing tale of not giving up) A.P. Atkinson I once met an American man in Thailand names Dave. We had been introduced to one another by a mutual friend who thought we had some things in common. All of us were motorcyclists, and this American gentleman had been

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Multi-tools are life

Multi-tools Are Life By Jack I always wanted to have three things that do it all. As a minimalist who enjoys travel, I was always interested in packing light. That philosophy demands that a few things do a lot and I expect exactly that from everything I own. Of course, for general use multi-tool the

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Waking Up to Woke

Waking Up to Woke Seth Godwynn & A.P. Atkinson A question that often comes up when people complain about ‘wokeness’ is “How exactly are you defining woke?” This is a purely rhetorical question, based on the presumption that nobody really knows what it means, because it doesn’t exist in any formally established sense. It’s a

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The Jailer Card

The Jailer Card Seth Godwynn After living in Japan for five years, I met the minimum standard to apply for citizenship, and decided that was exactly what I would do. It was a combination of practical considerations, and just feeling it to be the right thing to do under the circumstances, something that I would

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