Here you’ll find editorials, our daily lives and the shocking thoughts that go through our heads. Come here often to cringe in horror at the way we squander the precious gift of human life.

The Jailer Card

The Jailer Card Seth Godwynn After living in Japan for five years, I met the minimum standard to apply for citizenship, and decided that was exactly what I would do. It was a combination of practical considerations, and just feeling it to be the right thing to do under the circumstances, something that I would …

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The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life In 12 simple rules, written while on pain-killers Seth Godwynn As someone who has lived in this world for a time so long that I feel an increasingly burning desire for it to end, and who has wasted rather a lot of it giving really good advice to the needy many, …

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What pissed off Jack this week

What pissed Jack off this week A.P. Atkinson It’s about time Jack wrote a blog, said nobody whatsoever. So, Jack decided to do exactly that. There are several things that are pissing me off lately so I thought I’d just go through them in no particular order, bitching about stuff like a proper English gentleman …

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Supernatural Trolling

Supernatural Trolling (When the unexplained is the status quo) Seth Godwynn If you were to ask me if I believed in the supernatural, then like any normal person, I would answer, No, of course not. It’s all a load of old nonsense. However, over the years, that load of old nonsense has presented me with …

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The Writing Process

The Writing process Jack Godwynn – Seth Atkinson The ins and outs of the back and forths Seth and I decided to write a blog about how we cooperatively write together. With that in mind, we decided to write it the way we used to write, with a back and forth conversation showing our own …

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Dispense and Indispensability

Dispense and Indispensability Seth Godwynn Seth, ever the professional, writes a blog article while having a stroke or dropping mescaline into his eyeballs, or having rats chewing away at the inside of his skull. Who knows? In any case, Seth gives us his insight into what happens when he adopts the same model of behaviour …

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