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Where else can you go on the internet for completely free, premier articles that take your absolutely favourite pop-culture subjects and shit all over them?

At Edgeverse we love nothing more than wasting the precious gift of life arguing about what spaceship would beat which other spaceship in fights that never needed to happen. Join us here to find out how you too can while away those painfully long days as you wait for the sweet release of death.

Disclaimer – These articles are not meant to be taken seriously. If you have such a horrendous grasp of reality that you let mainstream media shape your opinions then this site might not be right for you. This is just a bunch of mentally-ill authors sharing a few laughs in a time where fun is a little harder to find.


On the Shoulders of Giants

On the Shoulders of Giants By Seth Mecurywynn and Jack Freddkinson Last night I was watching the television. To be fair, I did feel like I had a few too many functional brain-cells, and they were sending me conflicting messages about peace for all humanity, and also how people who unironically like marzipan deserve to […]

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Movie Review: Ron’s Gone Wrong

Movie Review: Ron’s Gone Wrong SeTh gODwYnn Just this very morning, I was walking to work, and along one very narrow mostly residential street with the odd spattering of small businesses, I saw 11 garbage trucks in a row doing the Thursday morning collection. How much rubbish can such a tiny corner of the world

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1917: A Slasher Flick?

1917: A Slasher Flick? By Lance Corporal Godwynn and Half Sargent Atkinson I’m not a huge fan of Bittorrent and other means of pirating movies. It means I have to remote access a second computer that’s literally sitting on the same desk as the machine I’m working from, because at home I only have room

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Jurassic Park: Dinosaur VFX

Jurassic Park: Dinosaur VFX Sethasaurus Rex and a tiny little bit of the Tricerajack It’s often said that despite nearly 30 years having passed, the VFX dinosaurs in the original Jurassic Park have passed the test of time and continue to hold their own against the latest, greatest digital imaging technology is able to provide.

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Movie Analysis: Paterson

Movie Analysis: Paterson Seth McGodwynn – But not Jack. Oh no… One of the staples of arthouse movies is that they succeed by resonating with the audience at an emotional level through subtext, even though nothing of any consequence actually happens. Much like with micro fiction, where the implication is the story and the less

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