Frequently Asked Questions

Things you never knew you wanted to know
1) What is the ‘Edgeverse?’

The Edgeverse is a literary universe where there are strongly established rules about how things work. It’s a wide universe and some of the stories are set in the present while others are way forwards in the future. The future technology and history are established so that all the books exist in the same, recognisable world. It’s like the movies and books set in the Star Trek or Star Wars universe, they all have their own unique look, style and feel. The Edgeverse is the same, it begins with the novel, ‘The Edge’ and builds from there.

2) What free books are there?

There are at least three free books. The first is ‘A Novel Approach.’ This isn’t a fictional story, this is a non-fiction book that helps to explain the process of writing a novel. It’s designed to help new, first time or inexperienced authors to find their feet.
Blips is a free novel. It’s a collected work of short stories linked together by a central narrative that builds up to tell a larger story. Although the short stories themselves are available on the site, the novel is worth reading as it explains the origins of both the stories, and the universe in general. It also answers the ancient philosophical question of how many bananas can you throw at the universe before you break it and we discover that it only takes one.

We also have the first book in the Hawk-Eye trilogy available for free if you sign up to our newsletter. As well as all of this, our books will be available free on Amazon on selected days, watch out for updates in our news section.

3) What are Blips?

Blips are short stories that are less than 200 words in length (or more, or whatever). Generally they have science-fiction themes, have a sense of macabre humour and will have a twist in the tail or some other kind of final reveal. Often they will make a satirical point about something.

Blips are free to read on the site and there’s a whole novel based around them. How cool is that? (Not very.)

4) Why is A.P. Atkinson called ‘Jack?’

Who knows? He’s a bit crazy. I wouldn’t take him seriously.

5) How do I buy your books?

You can buy our books on Amazon. Our books are all available on Amazon Unlimited, meaning you can read them by buying the whole, entire book or read it one page at a time to decide if you like it enough to keep reading. We’re working on getting paperback available and are considering other ways of digital publishing.

6) Will you write poetry?

No. Stop asking that.

7) What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where people who are in the position to do so can sponsor artists. It’s a way for people who appreciate the work that goes into our content to help us develop more of it. If you sign up and become a Patreon sponsor, you will get exclusive free content such as short-stories that won’t be released anywhere else and previews of upcoming work, sample chapters and other related material.

8) What is A-holes?

A-holes is a fictional but honest account of teaching in a foreign country. It’s a dark, comedy-drama set in an unnamed country and it shows the story of a teacher in his first year of teaching. It’s based on the personal experiences of the authors when they both taught English abroad.

What’s special about this book is that all proceeds go directly to a charity that sponsors the education of Cambodian children. If you buy a copy, all profits will go towards sending a child to school.

9) What’s the benefit of writing in a cohesive literary universe?

The benefit of a literary universe is that all the rules are established, which means all of the stories link together nicely. All the future alien races, all the technology that powers the space-craft, all the things that can be done at all the various points in future history are established. This means that the authors can focus on the stories and making sure that the stories are the best they can be, without constantly focusing on building a literary world.

10) What kind of thing are the articles about?

Well, we’re authors, so most of our articles are aimed at helping other authors be all they can be. We’re offering the benefits of the lessons we’ve learned the hard way, on our long, lonely, cold journey to absolutely nowhere. At the very least, learn to avoid making the same mistakes that we’ve made.


11) What’s happening in the future?

Providing that society doesn’t collapse, we’re planning to complete a lot more work. Sequels are planned for ‘The Edge’ and ‘Rob and Dave’ and we have several new novels coming soon. We’re also planning a few special projects that will be completely unique to this site.

Keep checking the updates and join our newsletter for more.

12) Why should I join your newsletter?

There are several advantages to signing up for our newsletter. You will get a free copy of Hawk-Eye: Traffic, the first story in the trilogy. On the surface that might seem more like a good reason not to, but give it a try, it’s a fun book.

You’ll also get the latest news and updates that we’ve forgotten to add to the site.

We don’t sell your email address or information because we have absolutely no idea how. We can barely function, if I’m absolutely honest, so you know you’re perfectly safe with us.

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