Blips Preview

Sometimes, you sit around in the mid-afternoon, sipping on your second cup of coffee of the morning and thinking about where the time goes. You need a review for your up-coming book and it’s so dreadfully awful that you worry that if a human being reads it, their head might be sucked into their anus and they might vanish in a puff of apathetic offence. Then it occurs to you that you downloaded an experimental AI, a highly sophisticated learning-algorithm that, somewhat suspiciously, nobody seems to want back. You think to yourself that she can preview your book, and all it will take is a few threats while waving around a screwdriver. So DAISY does a preview.

So, on pain of having her higher cognitive faculties perforated by an especially pointy Philips screwdriver, Daisy reluctantly agreed to preview our up-coming novel, Blips. Watch the video below to find out what she really thinks of this literary slice of mental illness.

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