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We’ve all been there, you wake up one morning, your alarm clock buzzing to let you know that you’ve survived yet another long night and now you face the uphill struggle of working for a living so that you don’t suffer the indignity of starving to death in a society that has had the technological capacity to have ended world hunger for decades.
While dealing with all of this, there’s that one nagging question that you just can’t quite find the answer to. It’s not the really big questions like, ‘if the moon is so gravitationally massive that it controls the tides of the oceans, why doesn’t it effect lakes?’
No, this one is a more subtle, but equally pernicious question. It digs into every fibre of your being and nags at your relentlessly.
What is the Edgeverse?
Now, we have an answer for you.

What is the Edgeverse

Who is behind this nonsense, why do they do it, why do they spend so much time talking to a pile of broken laptops wrapped in Christmas-tree lights?

All this and more is wrapped up in a video that is filled with charming anecdotes and deep personal insights… kind of.

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