The Bad Place

New free novel released for Halloween that mercilessly shits all over the horror genre

The site is live. This is the biggest news we’ve had in a long time, but also the news that has the absolutely least point in being here. If you didn’t already know about the site, you certainly wouldn’t be reading this.

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Our new novel, ‘The Bad Place’ is up and FREE on our site today. This collection of weird and macabre horror stories veers from the seriously disconcerting to the utterly ridiculous. Nothing is sacred as we rip into the horror-genre, reinterpreting it as a platform for toilet-humour and endless comments about mountain goats.

This novel is completely free to read on our site and will be added soon to all large sales platforms for you to read in whatever convenient format floats your boat.

Until then…

Edgeverse wants to touch you in... The Bad Place!

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