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Welcome to Edgeverse

Welcome to Edgeverse We’ve all been there, you wake up one morning, your alarm clock buzzing to let you know that you’ve survived yet another long night and now you face the uphill struggle of working for a living so that you don’t suffer the indignity of starving to death in a society that has […]

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Black Friday

Black Friday Special Offer By now it’s probably pretty obvious that we haven’t got a clue what we’re doing, but the degree to which we don’t have a clue might still be able to shock and sicken you! With this in mind, we’re offering all of our free books for 50% off. That’s right, you

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Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties Edgeverse deals with its IT issues by shrugging its shoulders and walking away It has been brought to our attention that we are having technical difficulties. Several people have raised a concern that they were unable to read our free embedded books and novels. We have looked into this quite thoroughly in an

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The Bad Place – FREE

The Bad Place New free novel released for Halloween that mercilessly shits all over the horror genre The site is live. This is the biggest news we’ve had in a long time, but also the news that has the absolutely least point in being here. If you didn’t already know about the site, you certainly

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The Bad Place

The Bad Place Edgeverse is proud to announce an upcoming compendium of the macabre, a triumph of the twisted and a celebration of the shocking. There is a place where reason and common-sense fears to dwell. Beyond fear and loathing, outside of normality and logic where ideas crash into the whims of human fancy. It

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The Dark Side

The Dark Side Edge Versington There’s a question that a website giving away free books where people have their eyes chewed out, have their teeth explode in their faces and have their fingers cut off with garden tools, one knuckle at a time, is never asked. Nobody ever wonders if we can somehow find a

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Blips – Now on Wattpad

Blips – Now on Wattpad! The boys! We finally gave in and did what absolutely nobody was asking for and added our Blips to Wattpad. This gives us a chance to connect with a wider audience of people who like going to a story-sharing platform where they will be constantly preached at about diversity. I

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Night Shift Launch

Night Shift Launch A.P. Atkinson Our latest novel – Night Shift – is now up and available on our site. This completely free Urban-Horror mixes elements of Detective Noir and a subtle dash of Science-Fiction to make a unique new story that involves a lot of ripped-off faces, eaten eyeballs and people tearing off their

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Night Shift – Coming Soon

Night Shift – Coming Soon A.P. Atkinson This Sunday, 26th of September, we’re launching yet another new book. Hot on the heels of Rob and Dave: Serves. No Useful Purpose – our sci-fi comedy inspired by the works of the late, great Douglas Adams, a personal hero of ours – we’re releasing our first horror.

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Free Shit

July 26th – 27th Book Giveaway! We can’t sell this stuff, so let’s just give it away for free! We’re having another two day giveaway where our entire Kindle Unlimited catalogue is free for anyone that wants it. Simply go to Amazon and download our books for nothing, almost twice the price they’re actually worth.

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