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The World About Turns is, perhaps, the most important collection of poetry ever released in recent times. But, nobody is arguing about whether this outstanding set of work by master-craftsman, Al Warcock represents everything that modern poetry stands for today. This emotional book will take you on a roller coaster of ‘feels’ as you’re drawn into a slice of the life of this literary genius. His writing will make you realise what modern poetry has become.

"Rich, wealthy, an owner of stuff. I seek no reward for the beauty of my words. They are a gift to the universe, they exist without cost. Or price, or value or worth.."

Quote from 'TWAT.'. These words are the words of genius, given form in the beauty of - well... words.

"The cow looked at him with pleading eyes. ‘Please don’t jab that in my throat, so we may have burgers ‘And Bolognese, and steaks, and beef-wellingtons. ‘Give tofu a try,’ they seemed to say. He ran his hand over the cow’s head and said, ‘Nobody likes tofu. Sorry, old girl. This has to happen.’ He closed his eyes..."

Quote from 'TWAT.' Truly we live in age of poetic wisdom and emotional maturity where we, as a united people, can come together and proclaim our universal dislike of tofu.

"I wonder what happened to my head? I wonder if I’m dead? I wonder if I’ll be served with bread? I wonder what else rhymes with ‘shed’. Not ‘worm,’ that’s for certain.”

Quote from 'TWAT'. Such deep philosophical matters are tackled, such as 'what happens to our heads when we die', and 'what rhymes with shed?' It's hard not to understate the value of this work.

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The World About Turns

This book by ‘The Poet’, Al Warcock sums up everything there is to say about modern poetry. It is, without doubt, the finest collection of contemporary work by a wordsmith that puts all other poets to shame.


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