This section is a collection of connections and redirections.

Here is our collection of links, in no particular order. Some are links to other creators who produce work like ours and who we’re happy to include among our network of friends. Others are for sites that have helped us to build our foundations. We hope you find them useful.

The personal site of our lead author, Jack. It’s filled with more of the same but also has a series of motorcycle reviews that read like the work of a grumpy old man with too much time on his hands.

Pixabay is an awesome site that gives royalty free images. That means you can take archive images from their site and use them for any purpose you choose, with no fear of legal problems. They’re an amazing resource and they deserve our support.


While everyone hates poetry, this one is a little bit different. He’s a poet who thinks he’s a crow, or a crow that thinks it’s a poet. We’re not sure, but he states his poetry is terrible, which doesn’t help his cause at all and makes hilarious comments about soiling himself.

Who doesn’t love a delusional birdman who writes non-rhyming poems about how much he hates himself?

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