Hawk-Eye: Family

By A.P. Atkinson (almost entirely)

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He said, “You’re a living breathing weapon and you ride around in a van that’s decorated in mood-paint! I can’t say I’m not disappointed, Merv. The one time we need you to be packing significant weaponry and you’re threatening angrily to turn a different shade of pink at them.”

Quote from 'Family.' The story follows on precisely where the last one left off, even though the last one didn't really leave off anywhere...

"In the ten months they’d worked together, Norma had heard from seven distinct sources that the chief coroner, who oversaw their work, had taken to using the term ‘Merved’ as an adjective to describe the more battered cadavers, the ones that looked like they’d crashed a Chinese car into a German one. Even if Merv killed with the delicacy and force of a vegetarian, it would still be largely unheard of that those people might get up and demand a refund for an incomplete service."

Quote from 'Family'. All this makes sense if you've read the first one.

She looked down at him and said, “Can I take your order? We have an extensive children’s menu and I have some colouring sheets and crayons out the back if you’d like some.” Red looked up at her and asked, “What flavour crayons?”

Quote from 'Family'. Full of colourful deliciousness.

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Hawk-Eye: Family

The Hawk-Eye team need to take the time to recover but does the world around them have other plans? Has the existence of this ageing technology awoken something even more terrible than they could imagine?

To battle the rise of unknown forces, the team must discover the hidden truth about the origins of the Hawk-Eye. In order to survive, they must face off against unstoppable killing machines and a slightly threatening motorcycle gang.

Isolated from one another, they must learn to come together if they have a hope of surviving against impossible odds. They must face their darkest fears and face the hardest choice of their lives.

It’s all going to go wrong again.

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