Blips - Now on Wattpad!

The boys!

We finally gave in and did what absolutely nobody was asking for and added our Blips to Wattpad. This gives us a chance to connect with a wider audience of people who like going to a story-sharing platform where they will be constantly preached at about diversity.

I wish someone would moan at me about diversity...

Publishing our short stories on Wattpad gives us a whole new opportunity to deal with some of the most appalling web-design I have ever seen, on a site whose logo is a squiggly line. Yeah, that’s right – this multi-million dollar platform hired an industry professional to create a meaningful icon and got back an orange sperm-type thing that a 5-year-old could have made by sneezing on a note-pad.

From now on, our shorty stories will be duplicated over there, so that 90 million new potential readers can totally ignore them.

What a time to be alive!

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