The Bad Place

Edgeverse is proud to announce an upcoming compendium of the macabre, a triumph of the twisted and a celebration of the shocking.
There is a place where reason and common-sense fears to dwell. Beyond fear and loathing, outside of normality and logic where ideas crash into the whims of human fancy. It is a place where our minds drift when clasped by the cold, sharp fingers of nightmares, it is a zone shrouded in twilight, it’s a realm outside of limits.
Do you have the courage or foolishness to stick your head inside…

Edgeverse is celebrating Halloween by releasing 7 horrific stories, each more gruelling to read than the last. For the entire week, leading up to the 31st, we’ll put up one new, original horror story from our new book, ‘The Bad Place’.

Finally, on the day of souls – or whatever it’s called – we’ll release an entire, brutal collection of degrading and appalling stories. We take your favourite horror genre classics and basically shit all over them because doing so amused us briefly.

On Sunday 31st of October, we’ll release ‘The Bad Place’ and offer it free on Kindle for anyone foolhardy enough to venture forth. It will also be completely free on our site, for ever and ever, and ever.

Can you imagine a worse hell?

We took a tiny, zesty snatch of horror and we added something worse.

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