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The Edgeverse isn’t just filled with novels that were written by people with a dubious grasp of reality, there’s also a whole load of short stories of all different kinds, including our own invention, ‘The Blip’. All of our short stories are free to read and are free to borrow and share, but we ask that you please credit us and link back to the source.

We have a wide variety of short stories from our creators, all entirely free to read. We have short, sharp and shocking stories that are under 2000 words, known as Blips. Visit our ‘Dark Side’ to read an ever-growing collection of horrifying insights into the mind of ‘The Thomas’, a man precariously perched on the brink of sanity.

We also have serialised stories, periodically updated so you can read a chapter and go away to wonder why people like this are allowed to walk the streets.

But, we are.

And, we do.

Free Short Stories

Click on the image above to flush your brains out with a selection of the very finest short stories anywhere on the interwebs.


Blips are strictly under 2000 words, or more, or less, or whatever. They are short stories designed to make a point, often with a twist in the tail or some thinly-veiled piece of philosophical nonsense.

Blips started life when it became just too difficult to find short stories to use in class and for exams. Jack, a teacher of dubious mental health, scoured the depths of the internet searching for reasonably good short-stories to use in test and as examples in for educational purposes.

It soon became obvious that most of the established classics are very difficult to find, are too long or aren’t free to use. Most stories by new authors don’t meet the criteria, he added politely in as diplomatic a way as he could manage.

So, in the end, Jack began to simply write his own. What began as a need for classroom material soon evolved into a collection of short stories that made a point in the classes he was teaching.

Several came from competitions in class where students randomly selected writing-prompts and a story had to be developed around them. Later, Jack downloaded a GPS app that generates a three word tag for your location and wrote stories around those, as a way to keep creating stories on demand.

The Blips are available here as we get round to posting them.

This is not to be confused with the novel ‘Blips’ which, rather confusingly, contains a large number of the exact same short stories.

Go to Blips to read our very finest nonsense


Sure, you can tell a story in 2000 words or less (or, more often, more) but can you tell a story in a single line? No, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Go and see our appalling efforts to connect with our audience with short stories that don’t extend more than a single line of text. If you like what you see, follow us on Twitter where we release another new one of these every single time that we can be bothered.

Every. Single. Time.

I wonder what this will do to the lonterm quality of our output? Follow us to find out.

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The Dark Side

Telling stories is all well and good but what kind of site doesn’t include writing so insanely dark that it casts a shadow on the devil’s anus? Not ours!

The Dark Side includes stories written by The Thomas, a man who has embraced the twisted nightmares that are the foundation of our reality and feeds them back to us in splintered shards of fractured literature.

If you were worried that you were just a little bit too sane then this is where you go to fix all that.

Abandon Hope

"I watched her screaming for help while the man in the hood hit her, pulling at her purse. Why wasn’t anyone helping her?"

- Twitterature sample

“I announced to the people that we now had a currency, we would pay for the food they collected and the payment could be used to buy clothing and to pay for their shelter. All these things had been supplied for free, of course, but they accepted it because now their work appeared to have value, even though we had really taken the value from it.

- Blip - The Sphere

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