Al Warcock

'The Poet'

The voice that defines the poety of this generation

Al Warcock comes from the humblest of beginnings, roots that belie his meteoric talent.

The Poet’, as he has come to be known in contemporary poetry appreciation circles, has become the defining voice of modern poetry. Without exaggeration, he is the personification of his craft.

Al was born in the claustrophobically small South-East London town of Beckingley, on the edge of the border to Meringue, the ‘Rabbit-Hutch of England’.

He grew up on the verge between the beauty of nature and the encroachment of what was new and forged of the human spirit. Perhaps this goes some way to explaining his effortless grasp of the nature of humanity and his ability to express it through modernistic interpretations?

Like so many creative geniuses, he found himself an outlier, a social outsider who knew he never truly belonged with the herd. The bitter tang of his uniqueness was a driving force in his creative evolution toward the mighty force for expression that he is today.

Having found his voice, he began creating works of modest stature but he was noticed. How could anyone fail to see his brilliance, we now look back and wonder, of course?

He was not recognised among his own kind for his writing, his genius or his brilliance but as something ‘other’. He nurtured his abundant gift and began to create work of such intrinsic resonance that it would move an audience to the very root of their emotional canal.

When Edgeverse came upon him, we knew there was no choice.

Al Warcock joined Edgeverse and created his first book, ‘The World About Turns’, a collection of some of the very finest poetry that has been written in recent times.

What the future holds for such a profound voice? Who among us can say?

The Poet, as he is now known, will continue to write his own view of our disconnected world, forging the emotional bonds between us and our fellow humans that are sometimes ignored.

He isn’t married to a horse. None of us know how that rumour got started.

He will continue forever to be a voice in the silence, one of the most profound influences on the modern world, shaping our destinies and inspiring us with the eloquence of his creativity.

Can such a person truly exist? We let you decide.

God bless you, Al Warcock.

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