A.P. Atkinson

Box is a completely free novel set in a future that’s heading straight for us like an unstoppable juggernaut. If you want to read a smart, complex story set in a futuristic dystopian/utopian world in a brothel staffed by broken androids, this might be for you.

"A stranger had told him a tale of a man that had gone wild with a kitchen knife and had cut off three of his own fingers, along with every conceivable extremity from a group of people stuck in a lift with him. Apparently, he’d fallen to the floor, screaming in agony with the medical Skimmer nearby, the drivers and paramedics too afraid to approach them. His facial muscles had tightened until his eyes burst, spewing black and red liquid from the gaping sockets, as he screamed in pain and terror. Finally, his skull had collapsed, bursting most of his brain out from his head to cascade across the pavement in a frenzied mass of fluid and solid body tissues. He had carried on screaming for at least two minutes after that, blood pumping from the grotesque pulp that was once his head, while his hands flailed wildly around in some vain attempt to claw back his brain."

Quote from 'Box.' Box is a deep, dark literary sci-fi with fewer laughs than a Netflix comedy special.

"It was now the dominant force on the planet, overshadowing governments with their puppet leaders, and controlling the whim of the entire population. They had created the Dark-Sides—ghettoes where they could slowly employ the test material on the undesirables, trying out their electronic poisons and genetic mutations on an unsuspecting and ignorant sub-culture of people they no longer considered important enough to care about."

Quote from 'Box.' I'm sure that any connections between the events described in this book written around 25 years ago, and stuff happening all around us are purely coincidental...

"Away from here,” she explained. “I want to go to a place where people don’t try and screw you just because you they think you can’t stop them. I want to be treated with a bit of respect—like a human being! And I guess I want to see the sun again. Really see it, I mean.”

Quote from 'Box'. Try it for free.

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Mankind has found peace as great cities have risen from the chaos of the twentieth century. We have been freed from the burden of our toils by machines, robotic servants with cloned humanoid bodies that obey our every command. We have finally found peace, an end to war, an end to poverty and an an end to disease.

At the edge of these cities are the ‘dark-sides’, grim and lawless places where terrible things happen. What price did we pay to put the mistakes of our past behind us? Did we truly release something far more terrible on ourselves?

The Future is Coming!

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