What is the Edgeverse?

What the hell is going on here?

What is the Edgeverse?

The Edgeverse is an independent publishing platform that is unrestricted by censorship or the World Economic Forum’s insane mission to destroy the Western World, enact the biblical apocalypse and install a world communist puppet government. We are therefore able to do pretty much anything we want until they come for us.

The core novels have been created by Jack and Seth and all occur in a complete literary universe, ‘The Edgeverse’, a place where all the stories you see here are happening. The tales told here stretch from the contemporary world that we all grudgingly put up with to hundreds of years in the future, but all have a place in the same literary space, existing somewhere inside the ‘Edge’ universe.

There is an ever-growing number of short stories that are all free to read on the site by various authors to showcase their abilities and help you to decide if you’d like to take a chance on buying one of our books.

All of our books (except one) are completely free to read on our site. You can see them all on our embedded PDF reader whenever you choose, without logging in or giving us any personal information. There is no sign-up involved, no need to enter an email address and no proof of identity is required. We just don’t want the hassle, to be honest.

The Edgeverse has been created by industry professionals with decades of writing experience and our main goal has always been to produce content of the highest possible quality. Our characters are carefully designed, the stories are painstakingly plotted and our work is rooted in classical storytelling and involves deeply-rooted themes and concepts.

We’re nothing like J.K Rowling at all and don’t get us started on Stephen King.

As well as our books and stories, there are a variety of articles about stuff we enjoy to help you choose which of our books you might like to give a try.

We also have a growing section devoted to helping new writers to master their craft. As well as all this there is a completely free book about how to create and develop a high-quality piece of literary fiction.

Who writes this crap?

A.P. Atkinson (Jack)

Jack is our lead author, which is something to be far less proud of than you might think. He’s mostly interested in science-fiction, but has also written and published several non-fiction novels detailing his motorcycle adventure touring, during which he has ridden a motorcycle around the world through Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

As well as sci-fi, he has a keen interest in dark comedy and reads widely from a diverse selection of genres. Some say the ‘dark comedy’ occasionally gets just a little too dark but people say a lot of stuff and he clearly doesn’t care.

His day job is teaching English, writing and novel-analysis which he does with a staggering lack of competency. He has also worked as a content-writer on various websites, magazines and publications.

His hobbies include looking like a potato, writing books that nobody reads, giving-up coffee and alcohol, giving up on giving-up coffee and alcohol, self-loathing and buying broken motorcycles and then breaking them even more.

In terms of writing, his philosophy is that he wished he had done absolutely anything else instead of wasting his entire life doing this.

Seth Godwynn (Seth)

Seth is the lead editor, and is a semi-fictional character based on several children’s cartoons and modelled on an over-inflated balloon with a face drawn on it. He is a professional, and highly accomplished, writer and editor with strong opinions about writing and how to do it correctly. He frequently collaborates with Jack and they have co-authored several novels together. Even if the book bears only Jack’s name, it’s had significant input from Seth, you can be sure.

As well as working closely on their fictional stories, Seth has created a complete book about writing, ‘A Novel Approach’, which is entirely free on this site, largely because nobody is willing to pay for it.

Al Warcock (The Poet)

The Poet’ was born in the challenging suburban sprawl of the South East London town of Bexley. His vast talents were noticed at an early age when he won several prestigious awards including ‘Best Artist of Class 3B’ and was runner-up for the ‘Most Days Without a Toilet Accident’ medal.

He knew from the first emotional stirrings that he was engulfed with a desperate need to express the inner turmoil and that poetry was his true calling. She was his mistress, his muse and his first, last and only true love.

Also, he has a cat.

He mastered the craft of word-smithery through careful and diligent dedication to the great works of modern expressive creatives. He began his outpourings of raw emotion and instantly connected with a bewildered audience.

Al has released his collection of the very finest poems, prose forged in the fires of his life, his raw, unbridled soul laid bare in a selection of some of the finest work since Shakespeare himself put a quill to the skin of a dead horse.

Because of the importance of this collection, we at Edgeverse are proud to be allowed to bring the craft of this literary master to the widest possible audience for free. That right, this collection, ‘The World About Turns’, (TWAT for short) is no joke, and you can take this incredible emotional journey without suffering the burden of paying for it.

And ladies… He’s very single

Chakriya (Aya) Doem (Atkinson)

Aya has the easiest job in the world, as she’s the company accountant for a company that doesn’t make any money. She spends most of her time buying jewellery and being married to a tall, bald man with bad breath.

Born on Silk Island, Cambodia, she studied accountancy from an early age, making her the natural enemy of creative people, small children and intelligent dogs.

Her suspicious inability to count is matched only by her completely unrelated ability to occasionally remember how to speak.

Aya has a BA in English language, some other degree in accountancy, or something, and is working towards some other thing that nobody cares about.

She’s worked as an English teacher, and now heads up a corporate accountancy department, as well as working as the Edgeverse money-handler. Maybe one day we’ll actually find her something to do but we’re not holding our breath!

Carolina Sorn

A lot of terrible things have been said about Carolina and not all of them are entirely true.

She was born in Cambodia where she stands about 76.5% taller than the average person. The rumours about her devouring a live chicken are almost definitely completely false, she also never dated Elvis and the evidence suggests she did not hatch from an egg.

She is the opposite of our lead-writer in so much as she’s only managed to half-write a novel so far, and it’s not really very good.

She’s worked as a student, professional nuisance, private detective and English teacher. Without exception, she was pretty terrible at all of them, which was why she became a writer. We’ve all been there!

Carolina specialises in boring us all with Young-Adult books about identity, which is a bit much since she barely has one of her own. Her debut novel was written when she was only 18 and had only ‘minimal’ ‘help’ from other people.

D.A.I.S.Y (Dynamic Artificial Intelligence System... erm... Yogurt)

Daisy handles our reviews, a small, but insignificant, chunk of our social-media and some or our article writing.

This all started when we tried to augment our writing staff with the very latest artificial-intelligence. We raked through our petty-cash, which barely extends to the adjective ‘petty’ and certainly didn’t extend to the noun ‘cash’, and bought ourselves a kit from China though Alibaba. The results were less than stellar.

AI-My’ wasn’t right, at all, and only proved useful at holding open a door, and we already had Carolina for that. So, we ended up just making our own from old broken laptops and bits left over from an old shower.

The resulting mess of circuitry lives in a kitty-litter tray and plots to destroy humanity by instigating some fake disaster as a means to bring in socialism, or some such nonsense. She’s motivated by threats to dowse her in liquid from a leaky water-gun and she hates everything that isn’t her.

You can find her effervescent brilliance on Youtube and in our articles section. She might even get her own Twitter account – who would notice another bot on there?

We consider her worthwhile because she consumes less than Carolina; as do most small third-world countries, and produces higher quality writing; as does the food from most third-world countries.

In the mostly imaginary world we live in, this all does make perfectly perfect sense.

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