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Welcome to a whole page of literature-related writing. Here you’ll find help and advice on how to create your own stories as well as articles about our own work, other people’s and other novel-related stuff we feel like writing.


Originality Seth Godwynn Something we see in Western media a lot of these days is a growing lack of originality. There was a movie called ‘Battle Royale’, a Japanese film about a group of young people dropped into an arena, where they have to kill each other to the last man. That was the inspiration […]

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Diversity, Sensitivity and Censorship

Diversity, Sensitivity and Censorship A.P. Atkinson One of the most divisive topics of our time, thanks to an incredibly irresponsible mainstream media, is that of diversity. People have become literally afraid to express themselves out of fear of offending people, or perhaps more specifically, of offending the wrong people. Certain words and opinions have become

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Why Grammar is Important

Why Grammar is Important A.P. Atkinson A lot of hopeful new future authors ask the same questions on the writing forums. They ask, is grammar, spelling and syntax important? Well, that’s an excellent question, so let’s explore it. The presumption many of them make is that an editor will simply get all of their weaknesses

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Basic Grammar Problems

Basic Grammar Problems Seth Godwynn People often ask what are the most common basic problems of grammar. Sadly, there are no such things. The basic problems we see with people’s writing are simply basic grammar problems. There’s no magic bullet. There aren’t three or four weak areas that can be fixed to turn someone from

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Hawk-Eye: Trilogy

Hawk-Eye: Trilogy A.P. Atkinson Hawk Eye is my first completed trilogy. The story development has a ponderous history because I thought it was a terrible idea and avoided doing anything about it for as long as possible. As usual, I blame Seth for everything. I am a child of the 80s so I grew up

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How do I become a writer?

How do I become a writer? Rob Burton How do I become a writer? This is a question that’s raised ad infinitum on the Facebook writer’s pages I haunt on a regular basis. We could also ask when did you become a writer? That’s another interesting question and a pertinent one because it’s the one

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A Novel Approach

A Novel Approach Seth Godwynn Why would I write a book about writing a book? Why would anyone want to read a book about writing a book? Surely the people writing a book wouldn’t want to read a book about writing a book, and the people interested in reading books surely wouldn’t want to read

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All Characters are you

All characters are you Seth Godwynn One of the biggest challenges of creating a story is getting the characters right. It’s not enough to just invent a character and expect the audience to flesh it out in their own minds for you. As an author, your job is to bring to life vibrant, complex and

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