The Human Race

By A.P. Atkinson

A mysterious challenge offers the chance to win a share of a million pounds. Who is behind it, what is at stake and what will the contestants have to face if they want to win?

A mysterious website asks if you have a motorcycle and if you’d like to earn a share of a million pounds. If you sign up to join the competition, you will face an unknown challenge that will push you to the edge of reason, and perhaps beyond. What kind of people would be desperate enough to risk everything in the hope of solving the ultimate challenge?

How far would you go?

How Far Would You Go?

The Human Race is a modern, contemporary drama set in the increasingly desperate streets of London. Filled with irreverent humour, it tracks the competitors in a challenge that demands that complete strangers work together to earn a share of a million pounds; if they manage to survive.

This is a gritty urban story of desperation where normal, everyday people are pitched against terrible odds in their quest to break out of their lives.

Each chapter follows a pair of ordinary people as they face extraordinary circumstances as the larger narrative evolves around them.

If you had a chance to change everything, how far would you go to achieve your dreams?

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