Hawk Eye: Legacy

By A.P. Atkinson

Invisible super-soldiers, treachery, horrible pyjama choices and a glimpse into the past that looks set to become the future. How much more wrong can this go?

It all goes wrong again for the Hawk-Eye team as they are given their first official assignment. Can they discover what’s going on while there’s still time to do something about it? What dark and twisted forces are at work trying to stop them?

As even their friends turn against them, can they find out how the events of the past have shaped their destinies? They will need to form new alliances, discover who can be trusted and fight to save everything they have ever believed in.

Can they find the truth before the truth finds them?

The team are given their first officially-sanctioned assignment, one where they’re to be tested and challenged before a decision is made about their future.

They investigate an apparently accidental death of an officer who worked for a shadowy secret group of the government. Unfortunately, it’s known that he was in fear of his life and he took precautions that were to set off a chain of events if anything were to happen to him. Can the Hawk-Eye team work out what really happened, and what the consequences will be before his plan is unleashed on the city?

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