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As well as novels and short stories, the Edgeverse team produce a frightening amount of other material to shock and appal the causal reader. Check in here to find news of upcoming projects, articles on the almost forgotten art of writing, and blogs that tell you what these kinds of people do in their spare time.

Our crack team of creative ‘artists’ are constantly producing so much garbage that it sometimes spills out of the usual places we have to dump it. We don’t just produce weird novels about sentient bricks, bananas destroying the universe, secret technology and evil groups trying to take over the world. Sometimes we also produce articles about stuff we actually do care about, not that you can probably tell we care about anything by reading our books.

Here you will find all the latest articles about the subtle art of writing, news of our latest updates and out opinions about stuff that nobody should really care about.

We also have a newsletter that you can subscribe to, that we’ll almost definitely forget to send out with any regularity.

The team produce articles to help new authors develop their talents towards creating the very best expression of their ideas. As a professional author and editor, Seth Godwynn is uniquely placed to offer sage advice and hard-earned wisdom when it comes to turning your ideas into stories. Jack has many years of experience of turning that wisdom and advice into written material and can offer the voice of experience in terms of what works and what doesn’t in terms of creating a novel.

Here’s you’ll find articles about writing on subjects from censorship to coming up with a title. Occasionally, some of the articles might be worth reading, although we can’t promise that for legal reasons.

The site, like other less interesting versions of the universe, constantly expands with new projects as the team explore literary dead-ends and expand on their efforts to completely, totally and utterly waste the precious gift of life.

You can check in for the usual infrequent updates to the section where the guys will promise very little and deliver even less.

We produce both blogs and vlogs. For those of you who don’t know, and therefore don’t know you don’t care, a blog is where we write our opinion about stuff that pisses us off. There is a tiny chance we might write about something good but it’s far more likely we’ll just bitch and moan about stuff.

We also produce the occasional vlog, a video diary where you can get to see just how photogenic out team really isn’t.

If you really have nothing better to do, or just need to feel smug and superior, there are far too frequent updates where you can find out how these pathetic, loathsome creatures have chosen to live. Watch them as they stumble helplessly through life, making mistakes a small child would know better than to make.

"This article really helped me to see where I was going wrong. You simply don't do what they do in order to find the road to success..."

- Harold Madeup, Weekly News

"Seriously, these people are the worst. How are they allowed to write this stuff? They should be inside a padded cell, being beaten with a sturdy rubber hose."

- Jack's Mum.

"This video diary offended me so much that I wished I had the strength of character to gouge out my own eyeballs and stuff them into my ears."

- Ariel Person, City Chronicle

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