By A.P. Atkinson

In a near-future world of darkness and light, have people forgotten what it means to be human?

Mankind has found peace as great cities have risen from the chaos of the twentieth century. We have been freed from the burden of our toils by machines, robotic servants with cloned humanoid bodies that obey our every command. We have finally found peace, an end to war, an end to poverty and an an end to disease.

At the edge of these cities are the ‘dark-sides’, grim and lawless places where terrible things happen. What price did we pay to put the mistakes of our past behind us? Did we truly release something far more terrible on ourselves?

The Future is Coming!

The Box is a near-future science-fiction, set in a world that is drawing ever closer. While on the surface, it might appear almost utopian, there is a darkness to the foundations that this future is built on.

Biotekk units are the backbone of the labour-force. They are considered robots, they have technologically augmented brains inside a cloned and artificially-developed body. They’re a cheap, simple way to free humans from the shackles of their everyday lives.

But what does it really mean to be human? Has mankind lost a part of what they were by handing over their jobs to these machines, and are these machines really so much less than we are?

In a world where the edges between people and machines are so blurred, what does it really mean to be human?

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