The Edge

By A.P. Atkinson and Seth Godwynn

Station AEOS401 is right on the Edge of known space; but what lies beyond what is known?

At the very limit of known space is the Frontier. It is the last bastion of normalcy left in a growing universe that we’re becoming increasingly aware that we don’t really understand at all.

Along a distant corner of the outer realm is a station, a place that hovers on the brink. Beyond there is the unknown, a place where all that exists is rumours, whispers and lies. What is really happening at the Edge?

The Edge is an intelligent, epic science-fiction Space-Opera set in a future universe where space travel is commonplace. It’s a world where three major races have come together to form the Alliance, a growing union of colonies that is constantly expanding.

It follows the stories of ordinary people, making their way to the furthest reaches of The Frontier, the front line of the Alliance as it spreads its influence on an unexpected galaxy.

The stories intertwine and build up into a single, sprawling narrative that changes the nature of the universe for all time.

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