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Here is a place where indie-authors can drop samples of their work and invite honest feedback and criticism. We don’t heavily censor opinion here, nor do we care who you are. We have no interest in your race or gender, religion or political beliefs, we’re all here to judge the work, not the person. Honest, blunt criticism is essential if an author and writer wants to grow.
Post your work and feel free to offer real and constructive criticism to others, so we can all help each other to get closer to our goals.


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If you’d like to add a sample of your work, please feel free to sign up. Anything is acceptable, a short story, a poem or a short piece of your writing. If there’s any specific thing you’re looking for, please mention it before your creative work. We try not to censor anyone but will delete and blacklist anyone who is just trying to be a troll.

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