The World About Turns

By Al Warcock

The finest collection of poetry in modern times - perhaps even better than that

Some books are destined for greatness and ‘The World About Turns’ is just such a book.*

The World About Turns’ has been called ‘important’, ‘genius’ and ‘ground-breaking’ but this is just the beginning. This collection of poems draws you into the world of a man as he embarks on a journey through life itself. His story is expressed on every line as the very essence of his soul is distilled in every word.

This book will change your life.**

Sometimes bitter, sometimes slightly less-bitter, this story will take you to the edge of emotion and back, like no other book of poetry you’ve ever been forced to endure.

The Poet’ has created what is, without doubt, the finest compendium of expressive poetry that has been compiled in recent years. It stands as an example of what all modern poetry is, while being so much more besides.

The collection is not just a bundle of random thoughts, oh no, it is a voyage into prose as one man experiences the universe as only he can.

This slice of utter genius, by the master wordsmith, could change the world (of poetry) forever. ***

This is the world as it about turns.

This is the world of Al Warcock.

‘The Poet’

* Greatness is a subjective concept. We make no promise as to the future greatness of this work.

** Life changing experiences are not guaranteed.

*** It won’t.

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