Short Stories

Short stories are any stories that are less short than Blips, so they typically run a long way longer than two thousand words. So our short stories are not short at all. We’ll leave you to decide if they qualify as stories.

How much sense all this makes rather depends on how many times you were dropped on your head as a baby and what percentage of your blood tests as neat vodka. It’s probably best to remember you’re on a web-site where there are books about universes existing inside the minds of sentient bricks, bananas so deadly that they can bring down entire realities and Dave.

Here is a few of our short stories, which really aren’t all that short. They are free though, but you get what you pay for, of course.

April. Fool.

A beautiful short story about ‘The Day of Fools’, self delivering tampons, sandy brain-patches, sentient bricks and growing panic as the crew of the Nebulous panic about what Dave is going to do.

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