The Dark Side

Edge Versington
There’s a question that a website giving away free books where people have their eyes chewed out, have their teeth explode in their faces and have their fingers cut off with garden tools, one knuckle at a time, is never asked. Nobody ever wonders if we can somehow find a way to get even darker but we answered that query anyway by creating The Dark Side.

We’ve invited other, perhaps even darker authors than us, to contribute to our sometimes dreadfully macabre writing.

T.W. Reidy is the first to join us in our mission to offer an alternative to the mainstream grind of copy’n’paste writing. T.W. is a man inspired by our rich history of literary excellence and plumbs the depths of the human soul while also expressing his talent in a distinctive and creative style.

His first story, ‘Felix Makes a Friend’ is up now on our site at the link below and we’re thrilled to have him aboard.

Click above to read this story

Hopefully we’ll have even more to offer soon. This writing is not suitable for younger readers or those who easily offended. It’s probably not suitable for mature readers or people who really hard to offend either, but we’ll let you decide all that for yourself.

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