Technical Difficulties

Edgeverse deals with its IT issues by shrugging its shoulders and walking away

It has been brought to our attention that we are having technical difficulties. Several people have raised a concern that they were unable to read our free embedded books and novels. We have looked into this quite thoroughly in an attempt to rectify the issue.

Our site is made on WordPress and the embedded PDF viewer is a standard, completely normal plugin that uses the Iframe viewing system that is an accepted standard in browsers across the IT industry.

The particular software we use had an issue around 4 months ago. It seems Microsoft Edge began reporting it for all manner of unreasonably unpleasantness of which it was entirely innocent. In fact, MS Edge has a long history of reporting various plugins with all manner of horrendous, and unjustified, accusations.

The plugin was updated by the developers and we’ve ensured we have the latest version. We’ve also cleaned out any unused software, updated all our certification, installed additional security and an extra plugin to patch any vulnerabilities from actual ‘phishing’ sites. All security scans have come back completely negative and our site is shown to be working normally with all browsers – except MS Edge, which is still not always working for all people.

We have investigated other plugins but none offer the functionality for the price we can afford (which is nothing), and there’s no guarantee that a different plugin would actually fix the problem in any case.

Seth predominantly uses Mac, and Jack uses Linux with a custom Firefox browser, as such we were never aware of this issue ourselves. We have taken advice from technical experts and have come to the conclusion that there really isn’t anything we can do about it, since MS Edge really is the problem. It’s like Donald Sutherland at the end of ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’, screaming and pointing at things for no good reason.


Microsoft Edge knows that the whole industry has established standards but thinks the world should do whatever it wants. It’s like Henry Ford suddenly demanding that all cars now run on bacon fat.


We’ll add a recommended browser list to our site and will assuredly update all of the plugins as they’re modified to fall into line with Microsoft’s arbitrary demands. In the meantime, we recommend considering an alternative browser.

We do apologise on Microsoft’s behalf for this inconvenience. Who would have thought that a gigantic corporation that’s constantly been investigated by the government for improper practices would be untrustworthy?

We’re gratified that people are interested in reading our work and we are still investigating other ways to get it to you.

Many thanks.


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