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Where else can you go on the internet for completely free, premier articles that take your absolutely favourite pop-culture subjects and shit all over them?

At Edgeverse we love nothing more than wasting the precious gift of life arguing about what spaceship would beat which other spaceship in fights that never needed to happen. Join us here to find out how you too can while away those painfully long days as you wait for the sweet release of death.

Disclaimer – These articles are not meant to be taken seriously. If you have such a horrendous grasp of reality that you let mainstream media shape your opinions then this site might not be right for you. This is just a bunch of mentally-ill authors sharing a few laughs in a time where fun is a little harder to find.


80s Action TV Cliches

80s Action TV Cliches A.P. Barracuson and Seth Knightwynn If you grew up in the 80s, you probably knew and Loved Knight Rider, Airwolf, The A-Team, Street Hawk, Blue Thunder and a host of other action TV shows that varied hugely in terms of quality. These shows never took themselves seriously; they were fun entertainment

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Fixing the Star Wars Prequels

Star Wars: Fixing the Prequels To the drawing board and back again Darth Sethwynn and A.P. D5 – and some dude called Rob Seth’s Take If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that no matter how bad the Star Wars prequels were, the sequels elevated them to the stuff of

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How to Heal the Doctor

How to Heal the Doctor Or at least plaster over the cracks… Doctor Jack and Sethros Doctor Who is broken. Doctor who couldn’t be more broken if he had regenerated into the shell of an old lawnmower. If this show was a horse, then the kindest thing would be to take it out the back

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5 Common Overused Sci-fi Tropes

5 Common Overused Sci-fi Tropes A.P. Zappkinson and Seth Hyperwynn Science fiction is obviously the best genre in the known universe, but for every Isaac Asimov and Douglas Adams there is creating it, there’s a J.J. Abrams and Veronica Roth ripping it apart. These dreadful hacks throw in any old nonsense they think will work,

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Rorschach: The Myth vs The Man

Rorschach: The Myth vs The Man By Seth ‘The Silk Gopher’ Godwynn Nobody reads the graphic novel ‘Watchmen’ and thinks to themselves, ‘I didn’t think much of that Rorschach chap.’ Even those who have only seen the movie would generally agree. Those that have done both, in either order, are probably wondering why he confuses

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Where sci-fi books go to die

Where sci-fi books go to die (Spoilers – It’s Hollywood – allegedly) A.P. Aragon and Seth Goblin Science-fiction is the greatest genre in the known universe and anyone who doesn’t think so is wrong and should feel bad about it. Sci-fi is the genre of imagination and will do absolutely anything you want it to—rather

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The best 5 sci-fi guns ever

The best 5 sci-fi guns ever Zeke ‘Dawg’ Atkinson and Sethemeyer P. Godwynn Everyone likes guns and blowing stuff up and nobody blows stuff up better than the heroes of science-fiction movies. Here are the top 5 iconic sci-fi sidearms from film and TV in no particular order by people who can’t count. Deckard’s gun

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