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This is where we hide the various articles that don’t fit anywhere else, tucked away where they can do the least damage. Here you will find what we think about the world as we half-heartedly take our anger out on a world that we’ve more or less given up on.

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life In 12 simple rules, written while on pain-killers Seth Godwynn As someone who has lived in this world for a time so long that I feel an increasingly burning desire for it to end, and who has wasted rather a lot of it giving really good advice to the needy many,

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Dispense and Indispensability

Dispense and Indispensability Seth Godwynn Seth, ever the professional, writes a blog article while having a stroke or dropping mescaline into his eyeballs, or having rats chewing away at the inside of his skull. Who knows? In any case, Seth gives us his insight into what happens when he adopts the same model of behaviour

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Motorcycles A.P. Atkinson Motorcycles are so much more than a lump of metal with a wheel at each end. They’re a mobile expression of consciousness, encapsulated in engineering, and they connect with the human spirit like no other vehicle is capable of. They fire the imagination and embody the concept of freedom, in a world

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