Internonsense - Part 1

Jack and Seth
The internet is the source of the world’s very finest nonsense, stupidity and outright bullshit. We live in an age where common-sense has been exchanged for a handful of magic beans, where writers come out in support of book-bannings and Mr Potatohead became the new face of villainy in the Western World.
What should we do under these conditions? Well, the most obvious answer is to just go around trolling the idiots while we try to make the best of it. In this series of Blogs, we’ll show screen-grabs of us trying to put out fires by pouring flaming napalm on it, while showcasing our abundant stupidity, something we joyfully revel in.

People have a lot of questions for writers. We usually get things like, ‘where do you get your ideas from’ or ‘why don’t you fu*k off’? Sometimes people even come to us for advice.
This is a good example of why we’re so seldom taken seriously.

The love of books is a strong motivational factor in the lives of an indie author.
Nowhere in history have the good guys gone about burning, or removing, books.
Leave our books alone.

The fashion industry does a fantastic job of making sure it has absolutely no credibility whatsoever and there really isn’t much that even the most avid A-hole can do to make fun of them… but I tried anyway.

I often cruise the forums, at least the ones where the enthusiastic young writers aren’t screaming in favour of censoring books. I like to help where I can…

You can enjoy internet nonsense without mentioning the over-flowing source of all things dreadful, that is Twitter.
We’re not generally very political, we just kind of stay away from all that, but sometimes, you just can’t help yourself.

Telling people what you don’t want them to do is always a great idea… 


A serious writer will always find time to write, to create, and to congratulate others on their situation.

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