Fixing America

By Seth Godwynn and the Bald One
The United States of America, the Great Experiment. What a brilliant idea! It’s a shame you had to bring special interest groups, rule by fiat, and mob justice into it. And that’s just three examples of why you currently find yourselves where you are—a shadow of your former selves, a hopeless globule of apathy, corn syrup and bans on public drinking. Never fear though, your friends from across the pond have your backs, as usual—you’re welcome, by the way.
But, because it’s never too late, here are ten points EACH from Seth and Jack that you need to be actively fighting for right now if you want to put America back on the map as the envy of the world, rather than the laughing stock that it currently is, thanks—mostly—to your own complacency.
And remember, any constitutional amendment, law, or statute that makes any of these impossible is entirely coincidental.
So without further ado, and in no particular order that we’re willing to disclose, here is Seth’s take:

10) Regulation of News and Medical Establishments

These are a funny pair to cram together but what could be more American than cramming things together into things that have no business having them crammed into them? Also, I think at least three of those words were possibly redundant. However, these both exist for the public good, and currently are doing the precise opposite.

Let’s start with the news, which I differentiate from media. Media can do whatever the hell it likes. News though is sacred, and if you ask anyone from a Communist hellhole what the biggest difference is between state run propaganda and the free press, they’ll tell you that people are actually gullible enough to believe that the free press is telling them the truth. Of course, it isn’t. There is no financial motive to do that. Besides, most people don’t want the truth, they just want to be reassured that their world view is the right one.

So how would I go about regulating the news then? Well, I’m glad you asked. First of all, all news organisations must be run as non-profit, subject to oversight by independent third parties. They get to enjoy a tax free status and other benefits, such as press passes to press only events. They must comply with a very strict code of journalistic ethics, or else they lose their licence. No opinions. No speculation. No interpretation. Those are for other media, who can discuss and speculate on the news as much as they want, but they may not call themselves news, or imply it in any way.

Medical establishments are the same. Left in private hands, the costs skyrocket, and the people at the bottom of the ladder lose. America could learn a lot from Japan in this regard.

In Japan, all citizens and residents have health insurance. It’s paid as a percentage of your income, and automatically covers dependent family. Medical establishments have to be non-profit, and are heavily regulated. Prices are predetermined and reasonable. Health insurance pays 70% of “necessary” care, and you pay the remainder at the counter. Everyone can afford it, it’s slightly too expensive to abuse, and so everybody wins. Even the doctors with private clinics win, which accounts for the majority of them because, while their clinics can’t make a profit, they can. They can pay themselves as much as they want for their success, knowing full well they’re going to be taxed on it.

9) Criminal Justice Reform in the Age of Social Media

One of the great things about criminal justice systems is that they’re not mob justice. Except that now they are again, thanks to social media. Whoever frames the video that goes viral determines the guilt of the defendant long before the jury has even been selected. You know, mob justice.

There is a simple way to bring back fair trials, which should have been obvious a decade ago. If you have video of a crime, you take it to the police, for them to pursue action. If you have a story about something naughty that somebody did—maybe your boss got a bit touchy feely at the last Christmas party, which probably would have been about 3 years ago now—then take your story to the police. Or, you can take it to social media, but you can’t do both. 

Once that video is in the wild, it’s no longer admissible. Once you tell your story to Twitter, or some daytime chat show, your testimony is no longer  slid evidence. And if enough of your charge relies on that evidence, then no lawyer worth his salt is going to take your case. And if one does, then it will be dismissed before any evidence is given, and he will be laughed out of all the polite lawyer clubs, which I assume are things that exist.

Now does this mean that some people guilty of crimes will go free? Yes, of course. Does that mean that police will get away with being a bit naughty? Yes, that too, not that this ever was not the case. So you have to make a choice—do you want them charged, or do you want them exposed. Make your choice and stick with it, because the internet doesn’t let you put these things back in the bag.

When the idea of 'making America great again' offends people who live in that country, then the people who live in that country should probably live in a different country.

8) Preponderance of Evidence in Defamation Suits

Not ALL defamation suits of course—that would be crazy talk. However, in David vs Goliath cases, Goliath always wins, even when they shouldn’t reasonably have been able to do so..

When CNN defamed the MAGA hat kid a few years back, he hit back hard. They settled out of court, but only because it was very unlikely he would win, despite overwhelming evidence, and CNN would actually end up paying more in defence costs than the settlement. CNN’s money was obviously nice, but no wrong was righted. Nobody was made whole.

The difference between MAGA hat kid and CNN is the audience. CNN’s is in the tens of millions, whereas his was probably a few classmates and his hip aunt who has a computer that’s “hooked up.” He does not have the audience to defame anyone, whereas they do. They took advantage of it to punch down at a private individual.

This is extremely poor behaviour, and they get away with it with impunity.

The only way to discourage it is to change the standard of evidence required. When the standard is “more likely than not,” then the suit would be over in an hour. CNN are declared in the wrong, MAGA hat kid takes them to the cleaners, CNN know to be a bit more careful in future. Everybody wins!

7) Remove Government from Marriage

Marriage is not a right, it’s an intrusion. The government, as a general rule, should not be in the business of regulating adult relationships. Should marriage be for a man and a woman? Should it be for any two people? Should marriage between more than two people be allowed? These are not questions the government should be answering. Thus we are left with no other choice than to remove marriage from the government’s purview.

If you and somebody else want to get married, your church can do it, or you can do it yourself. It’s as meaningful and binding as you make it, whoever your choice of partner.

At the same time, many complain that marriage brings certain benefits such as filing joint taxes and visiting rights in hospitals. Why not simply allow those things for anyone that wants them? Problem sorted.

6) Encourage Responsible Procreation

“Oh, you’ve had a child, congratulations. This is how much money you will get per month. Same as every other child.”

“But I don’t have a husband or job. Shouldn’t I get more?”

“No. You made your choices, and here you are.”

In the great abortion debate, pro-life is often up against pro-choice, but they’re really the same thing if you take a moment to think about it. You do have the right to make irresponsible decisions that end in a pregnancy you can’t afford, to a father you forget to get the name of. Welcome to the world of being an adult. You now have to take responsibility for those choices, whatever that ultimately means.

5) Federal Statute to End Gun Free Zones

Especially at schools.

If there’s one thing that a lone school or mall killer likes, it’s fish in a barrel. And that’s exactly what a gun-free zone is. I don’t know about you, but I want mall and school shooters to fear the people around them. If you don’t know who around you is packing, your spree is going to be more like a spray of your brain on the nearest wall, while everyone else goes about their business as normal.

4) End Government Loans for University Education

Wait. Why is the government loaning people back their money and charging interest on it? That’s crazy talk.

But it gets worse. Every university in the land knows that government pockets are as deep as they need to be, and as such they charge ridiculous prices for worthless degrees that will never pay for themselves in return. Liberal arts degrees were supposed to expand people’s critical thinking abilities, but these days they’re just indoctrinating kids and charging them a king’s ransom for the privilege.

So by doing away with government loans, people are going to have to find a real source of money, and nobody is going to want to fund your victimhood vanity degree, especially not at those prices. If you want to learn a trade, one that will earn you money, then that is a course that people can get behind paying. As such, these courses will naturally lower their rates, and the other ones will go the way of that dead squirrel.

And it couldn’t come too soon.

3) State Run Schools to be Judged on Inspections

When you have a goal based system, you are literally encouraged to cheat to achieve the goal, at the expense of the benefit achieving the goal was supposed to provide. If you set a target weight for weight-loss, you’ll take shortcuts—no water after 9 o’clock, skipped meals, things that will make you less healthy, not more. Want to end poverty, raise the minimum wage. Problem sorted. Oh, what’s that? Less minimum wage jobs and prices going up above the board? You see the same pattern everywhere, and yet people, especially those making important decisions, never seem to learn.

Currently, schools are evaluated (and subsequently funded) on the children’s exam performance. This is absolutely the worst possible way to evaluate a school, because in order to get those sweet monies, the schools will resort to just teaching the kids the answers. Bingo, they all pass, the school gets more money, and nobody has learned shit.

Instead, why not try what they do in some other countries. Surprise inspections. What is the attendance right now? What is the atmosphere in the classroom? Are the students engaged? Is the work being set too easy or too hard, or too non-existent? There are dozens of criteria that can be evaluated this way, and the only way to get a good evaluation is to actually be a better damned school that gives two shits about the future citizens of your country.

2) Introduce Information Literacy as a Core Subject

It seems amazing to me that we’ve had the internet since the late 90s (yes, technically earlier than that, but it was the late 90s that people like my aunt actually had it in their homes), that for over a decade we’ve had the entire sum of human knowledge instantly accessible in our pockets, and yet kids are still leaving school unable to determine fact from fiction.

Here is a truth that has been held evident for millennia. Humans are rubbish at this sort of thing. I’m sure you’ve heard of confirmation bias, where you assess everything that agrees with you as being true, and everything that doesn’t as false. The internet is just that, a big confirmation- bias machine. I think bananas cause the plague, and within a few seconds I have all the overwhelming evidence I need to prove that’s true.

Core literacy shouldn't come deep-fired, with a side order of extra grease and nor should it come with a fully-automatic weapon, wielded by a kid on Prosac

On the other hand, Jack probably does not believe that bananas cause plague, the black death, or any of the more common STDs, and within seconds, he would be able to prove this true as well.

Now apply this to important things that actually matter.

Maths is important, and so is English, but we now live in the information age, and if kids are not being taught daily how to critically evaluate the quality, accuracy and reliability of the information they’re seeing, then they’re fucked, like most of the population currently already is.

This is a learned skill that takes discipline, and requires one to detach from one’s emotions temporarily. It is of vital importance and must be taken seriously.

1) Put Religion back into school

Wait, didn’t we just spend the past 60 years trying to get religion out of schools? Well, exactly. You can remove God from a society, but you have to fill the hole he leaves with something meaningful. And in the absence of something meaningful, meaningless empty hollow depravity will fill it instead. 

And here we are.

Now, the thing to understand is that I’m not advocating for any specific religion here. Whatever religion is big in that area, have their church, mosque, temple, whatever, take over the religious aspect of the morning assemblies. Sing “hymns”, read sacred texts, pray, and then get on with the rest of your day as usual, without any religious interference save its VALUES. It doesn’t matter what the faith is, as long as it promotes some form of absolute moral foundation, and instils a healthy fear into your children that if they misbehave, even in private, that god is going to GET THEM.

Now, we know what kids these days think about religion. It would be mocked, and not taken seriously. Well that’s where you’re wrong, because you’ve obviously never heard of the CANE. Kids don’t take it seriously, they get their arses stung with a stick of bamboo, and LIKE IT, because it pales in comparison to the horrors that await them in hell, the little shits.

What's wrong with the morals in America. Nothing short of everything.

Before you know it, you’ll have kids leaving school with a grounded set of morals, shared social values, and the humility of knowing there is somebody much scarier than them waiting just being the mortal horizon to smash their faces off with fire, if they stray too far from the path of righteousness.

While we’re at it, let’s bring back patriotism too.

Now, obviously Seth is somewhat biased about such things, so to balance it out, here’s Jack’s take, which is biased in a completely different way!

1) Real and actionable consequences 

It seems that politicians can say pretty much anything they want with absolutely no consequences, and it seems that way because that’s the way it literally is. Neither the media nor the government is under any legal requirement to tell you the truth, and they face no consequences for not doing so.

What if we changed that up so that lies uttered by politicians were actually against the law? What if anyone serving the people was under a legal obligation to tell the truth, and failure to do so brought severe legal repercussions—you know, the way the system works against you?

If the servants of the people were required to serve the people honestly, and faced prison, severe fines and death penalties—for treason—if they knowingly misled the public, then there’s a good chance that they wouldn’t knowingly mislead the public quite as much. 

Election promises should be held to the same high standard, and while we’re at it, why not apply the same to the media too?

2) A curb on irresponsible foreign aid

If you were 3 Trillion dollars in debt and wanted to go down the pub and give out billions of dollars to a tiny group of people on a table outside who told you that they were special,, people would think you’re crazy, but that’s exactly what’s really happening and the people of America are allowing it. 

Of course, there are other examples of the insanity of the way America is run and the situation in Ukraine is just one of them. I’m sure the Ukrainians are lovely people, but does America really need to keep handing over billions of dollars to a country run by a failed comedian with ties to Israel, who wants to start a nuclear war with a country who have proved themselves to have the combat prowess of a pack from just about any special interest group at all?

Clearly there’s something dreadfully dreadful going on when a senile old deviant keeps shovelling money out of the back door while the debt ceiling keeps rising faster than Willy Wonker’s magic glass elevator. 

Common sense dictates that a country so abysmally in debt has no business handing out tons of cash to other countries while their own people are struggling to survive. Let’s stop handing out cash to foreign interests until the country itself is completely in control of its finances. 

The worst possible definition of freedom is the freedom to whatever someone allows you to do. However, that's exactly what has ended up happening, and always will happen when a wealthy elite are able to grab all the resources for themselves and get you to pay them to be allowed to give them money.

3) The home of the free 

Americans love to shout out about how they enjoy their freedom, such as the freedom to be arrested for collecting rainwater on their own property. Thanks to what can only be described as horrendous degrees of corruption, there is now an incredibly top-heavy degree of government oversight. As the old adage goes, America runs on ‘too many chiefs and not enough Indians’. Of course, with the genocide of the previous inhabitants, the fact of there not being enough Indians might be a part of the problem. Who can say?

To get back to what America is, at its very core, it needs to restore the principle of personal freedom. The vast majority of citizens are perfectly respectable and perfectly capable of behaving properly without having their lives scrutinized by a government that, by its own admission, would collapse if the client list of a purveyor of under-age prostitutes was made public. 

Of course, we’re talking about private citizens here, and as we demand once more the rights and freedom afforded to all the people, we must take it back from somewhere else. Giant corporations, whose owners appear on the very same client list, would probably be an excellent place to start.

If the government wants to tell people what to do, how about it regulates the food and medical industry, breaks up the monopolies and investigates corruption that has become inherent in these industries. 

In fact, why doesn’t it just do that anyway?

4) Reduced taxation of private individuals. 

Taxing people in America is unconstitutional, although what is and isn’t constitutional (or legal) does seem to very much depend on how much money is flowing into the right pockets. How about removing private taxation? Start by removing taxation on wages so that workers get a better deal and actually feel a little better about working their lives away to support a system that’s stripping the flesh from their weary bones. 

The shortfall in taxes could more than be made up for with larger corporate taxes to generate more income, and reduced spending on things that are none of their business should take care of the rest.

5) Abolition of the Federal Reserve. 

Most people seem to think that the Federal Reserve is run by the government, but it’s actually a private banking corporation that just prints as much money as it wants. Shockingly to Americans, who left school with the inability to read, write, do their taxes and point at their own country on a map, this is the actual cause of the massive inflation that’s crippling their country. 

J.F. Kennedy made a speech about getting rid of the Federal Reserve and putting responsible government back in charge of US finances, and was then persuaded not to do so by a bullet to the face. That absolutely must have been a lone gunman, who shot him with a rolled-up bundle of curtain rods. We can ignore the evidence of a police officer who spoke to the lone gunman, who was having a coffee at the time in an office downstairs, because policemen aren’t credible witnesses. Whatever we were told was true must be true, mustn’t it?

Well, it sounds like a great idea to me, let’s remove the power of a group of shady, potentially dangerous, bankers to control the financial destiny of the entire global economy and put it under government control instead. Now we just have to put the government back under the control of the people and it will all be fine…

6) Education overhaul. 

Education in America has proved to be about as effective as using a teabag as a condom on an elephant. If an American student was to go to a school in Barbados, for instance, they would automatically be dropped two grades. If a Cambodian student studies in the US, they would routinely get straight A scores without any effort, because of how far ahead they are. Neither Cambodia nor Barbados are known for their educational excellence, but America is world renowned for its lack thereof. 

Firstly, religious and political bias must be completely removed. Teachers with any kind of agenda aren’t teachers, they’re activists, and they have no place in the classroom. 

An excellent remedy for all this nonsense is the abolition of private schools. Paid-for education can be outlawed, as it was in Finland, a country who ended up with the world’s best education system as a result. If the wealthy can no longer allow public schools to be run like left-wing indoctrination camps, they would demand change—the way the average citizen should have been doing decades ago. 

So let’s use the rich for something useful and get them to put America’s shockingly appalling education system back together by forcing them to have no choice but to use it. 

7) Free Speech 

Free speech isn’t just a slogan slapped on old movies, it’s a concept enshrined in every aspect of American law, but it’s now ignored as people are told what they can and can’t say, which in turn governs the patterns of their thinking. 

Freedom of speech is the freedom to tell people what they don’t want to hear, not the freedom to be told what words they’re not allowed to say or who they’re not allowed to criticise. 

The overwhelming majority of people are decent and the worst that will happen is that we’ll find out who isn’t. The best outcome is that we’ll finally encourage free discourse and flush out those nasty little vermin hiding in the cracks who are driving the move towards social collapse—whoever they are.

Of course, the exception to this must be the media, who should be punished severely for saying anything that isn’t absolutely proven and without being able to cite their sources and evidence. The media must not only tell the truth, it must show balance, and any censorship should be treated the same way as deliberately misleading the public by making false claims. 

Tech companies should be held to the same standard. 

8) Trickle-down identity.

A key element in getting America back on its feet, or at least back off its knees, is to have it remind itself of what it actually is. There is no point in the United States being a united gathering of states if the Federal government has total control of them. 

The Federal government needs scaling back drastically so the individual states can govern at a more independent level. That will allow each to restore a unique identity. That way, people who still can’t function in the same reality as the rest of the world can just go and live in California, for instance. This is a very important first step in bringing control of the nation back where it belongs—in the hands of the individuals and not a bunch of raving psychopaths. 

Putting one of these in the hands of individuals guarantees them a degree of control. Now why wouldn't governments want people to have power of their own country, choices and lives?

9) Overhaul benefit and medical system. 

The benefits system of America simply doesn’t work and the medical system simply doesn’t work even more. Both need removing and replacing with something that does. 

In the UK, issuing benefits costs more than the benefits themselves, due to the horrendous corruption and mismanagement of the entire shaky premise. Why not simply use that money, that you’d just be flushing down the toilet anyway, to supply all free basic foods?

Now we don’t have children starving in working class households, we have kids going to school with full bellies. The money paid in taxes by working people actually pay for things that everyone uses, instead of weaponry built by companies owned by politicians. We don’t need to test and evaluate who gets it because anyone who wants it, can have it, no matter who they are. Why make all this harder than it needs to be?

As for the medical system in America, which is the laughing stock of the entire world, let’s just scrap it and start again. Medical insurance forces prices up to ridiculous levels, so let’s just get rid of all that and replace it with nationalised medical health-care.

Let’s also remind our medical practitioners that they have sworn an oath to do no harm, which should effectively remove “vanity” cosmetic surgery, gender reassignment and almost every psychiatric drug from existence. 

With evidence now coming out that the recent mrna vaccines were never tested to see if they stopped transmission, that 9 out of 10 people dying of covid are fully boosted and the surgeon general of Florida stating that young men who take it face a massively increased likelihood of dying from a heart attack, it should stop all of that nonsense too. 

Let’s remind doctors of their oath with exceptionally long prison sentences for failing to uphold the standards they should have always been abiding by.

10) No more special interest groups. 

Special interest groups should have their power stripped away. It’s not them per se that’s the problem, it’s more the issue that they’ve been given a disproportionate degree of power. Black people make less than 15% of the US population but are incredibly over-represented in liberal media, who act as if they’re not capable of speaking with their own voice, and that this is somehow doing them a favour. 

There’s a long-standing myth that Whites are over-represented in Hollywood but statistically, they should make up around 70% of the cast. However, if you check the nationalities of those working in the media, you’ll find that they are absolutely not the people you think they are. 

Maybe Kanye West has a point?

Real transgender people are a tiny fraction of a minority, with the entire gay community making up an estimated 2% of the overall total. As it’s patently clear, these people, who would probably be diagnosed with a psychotic disorder if they went near a psychiatrist, have been given a totally disproportionate degree of power. 

The government must be forced to once again respect the view of the majority of the people they represent. That is, after all, the entire cornerstone of the concept of democracy—to have the politicians ask the people what they want and then go along with the most popular choice. Their job isn’t to find a the tiniest minority group, ideally with a 50% suicide-rate, and then decide that they should dictate every policy decision from then on.

Special interests deserve to be considered, but they don’t deserve to have equal footing in the decision-making process. 

Turn America back into a meritocracy where the best and strongest is free to thrive. Any less is preparation for failure… And we’ve seen plenty of that. 

And that as they say is that. We expect you to put all of these into action straight away, and will check back in, shall we say 5 years, to evaluate your progress.

And again, you’re welcome!

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