Is Biden Really an Incompetent Moron?

A.P. Atkinson
Is Biden really a completely incompetent and inept moron, a gibbering fool who has made America the laughing stock of the world?
Rather obviously, yes!

Normally, that would constitute the end of the article. I posed a question and then offered a solution. As there really isn’t any opposing viewpoint this time, there’s little more left to say. Even the liberal Left is quiet on this one as their ship rapidly sinks around them, leaving a whole generation of voters struggling to look at themselves in the mirror.

But is it all as clear-cut as it seems?

I’m sure this is completely unrelated to the current situation. Move along… Nothing to see here.

Well first you have to understand something about the Left, and the Democratic party that serve them: they have a tendency to play word-games where their ‘truth’ implies the exact opposite of what any reasonable person would consider correct. ‘Wokeness’ could not be a better example. To buy into the ‘Woke’ agenda, you have to be dangerously ignorant and functioning without the use of your higher cognitive faculties. It’s a platform of utterly illogical nonsense posing as fact, and a person truly awake, intelligent and informed would simply never buy into it. Consequently, it’s become a subject of derision as people point and laugh, mumbling the phrase, ‘Get woke, go broke’ as the vast and overwhelming majority of people actively avoid all this nonsense.

So how does this apply to Joe Biden? What has the subtle art of deception got to do with a man whose only measure of success is in not soiling himself on a daily basis? Surely Biden is just a mentally deficient buffoon?

Well no. I’m afraid it’s rather more serious than that.

America pulling out of Afghanistan was one of the most obvious acts of military incompetence that we’ve seen since a big wooden horse full of bloodthirsty killers was taken through the gates of Troy. There’s no question that abandoning a country that was occupied under extremely questionable circumstances, and leaving behind billions of dollars in military hardware for your enemies is bit of a military no-no. Nobody is questioning whether this was an act of military genius that we simply haven’t been able to comprehend yet. All anyone is doing is talking about how Biden is simply incompetent and that his career should end.

But, for all this to have happened, there’s a long line of decision-makers going all the way down to the officers on the ground and back up to the President himself. The line then goes further up to wherever the people pulling the puppet’s strings are currently residing (and perhaps wearing a mask over their face from the stench of the manufacture of cheap plastic Disney merchandise that nobody is going to buy, that lingers on the fetid air? Who can say?)

This was not an act Biden could have pulled off by himself. For this situation to have happened, there had to have been an agreement in this strategy from people who fully grasped the ramification of every choice. Put simply, this didn’t happen without a plan. This happened because someone had always intended for it to happen.

Biden will undoubtedly end his political career soon, under perfectly reasonable charges of mental decline and general incompetence. But are those charges valid, and what does it mean for our future?

When we allow Biden off the hook for being an idiot, we’re setting a legal, moral and societal precedent. By saying that a person can wreak such havoc on the world and then get away with it because they’re just stupid is establishing a future defence for some of the worst crimes against humanity that this generation has witnessed. I’m not arguing that Biden is not stupid, I’m arguing that he was put there by people who aren’t, and they all should be facing the associated charges for their actions.

My greater concern is what this is going to mean in the next few years.

Europe had a plan to deal with pandemics. It never included lockdowns, masks or vaccines. It was entirely ignored, and a virus with a 99% survival rate and a 2 week cycle was used to shut down society for more than 18 months (so far) in the largest, most unprecedented panic ever witnessed. Again, this was not an accident, this has happened because someone planned it to happen in exactly this way.

Is what’s happening with Biden a deliberate ploy to establish this as an excuse in our collective unconscious? Is Biden about to become a meme, a lasting symbol of mismanagement and foolishness that lives forever as a pathetic joke? Does that mean that we’ll allow other world leaders to escape with the excuse that they simply made a mistake and that all of this was just a silly accident?

Accidents are what happens when you are a bit too tired to think straight, not when you commit crimes against humanity; not when you go against the established science, common sense and the will of the people living in your country.

If only there had been some kind of warning of an evil force slowly taking control and then forcing people to serve them, while scrutinizing their every act? I mean, come on, even Star Wars was talking about this shit...

I would like to see Biden face criminal charges; I want to see serious repercussions for everyone responsible for driving the world to the brink, with no good, sound or logical reasons.

Don’t allow anyone to make excuses—make them face the consequences of their actions. We’ve been the ones paying for them for long enough.

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