There’s more to Twitter than just mobs of uneducated, angry people reacting against anyone who intimidates them by daring to think differently. We like to use the toxic formula to post teeny-tiny stories that tell a tale in a single sentence. Here, in no particular order is an archive of our ‘Twitterature’.
I held the sword in my hand and it made me feel powerful. With this, I can join the fight to ban the pen.
She had achieved the ultimate level of social diversity by mastering the art of hating everyone equally.
She stared at me with those cold, hard judgemental eyes as she sat motionless in her favourite chair. I hated it. It was why I had killed her.
Fighting to beat suicidal depression was the only thing I really had left worth living for.
I drink the best wine and eat the finest food. People judge me but being a burglar really isn’t so bad.
Wanted – Perfect, intelligent, beautiful, mature, motivated young woman with own job for no-strings relationship.
I told my grandchildren how I had been a reckless hero in my youth. In 2020, I had gone out...
Wanted – Qualified writer with 10 years plus experience, multiple degrees and proven track record for entry-level admin post.
I watched her screaming for help while the man in the hood hit her, pulling at her purse. Why wasn’t anyone helping her?
“Social media is an incredible way for people to share ideas, concepts and important news instantly,” he said while leaning back to take a picture of his sandwich.
“I don’t understand why people don’t like me,” she screamed.

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