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Where else can you go on the internet for completely free, premier articles that take your absolutely favourite pop-culture subjects and shit all over them?

At Edgeverse we love nothing more than wasting the precious gift of life arguing about what spaceship would beat which other spaceship in fights that never needed to happen. Join us here to find out how you too can while away those painfully long days as you wait for the sweet release of death.

Disclaimer – These articles are not meant to be taken seriously. If you have such a horrendous grasp of reality that you let mainstream media shape your opinions then this site might not be right for you. This is just a bunch of mentally-ill authors sharing a few laughs in a time where fun is a little harder to find.


Why Prometheus is so Weird!

Why Prometheus is so Weird! The return of Sgt (Mad) Jack McAtkinson and Colonel S.S. (Warmonkey) Godwynn Alien burst onto the screen in 1979, masterfully mixing slasher horror, psychological suspense and science-fiction. Ridley Scott created a masterpiece, a movie that broke the mould for creature and set design as well as redefining what science-fiction could […]

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Why the 80s was better

Why the 80s was better By A.P. Hasselsnatch and Harrison Godwynn Many people have asked us to create an in-depth analysis of why the 80s were better. So because we love and/or respect our audience, we applied the full and awesome power of our combined intellect to the problem and came up with a scientifically-based

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Top 5 Interesting Spaceships

Top 5 Interesting Spaceships Captain Zap Atkinsblargg and First Officer Seth Grundlewank We all know that the greatest and most instantly recognisable spaceships in science-fiction history are the Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon (with an honourable mention to the Tardis and the Sulaco). These are the hero vehicles featured in the giants of the genre.

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Star Wars vs Star Trek

Star Trek vs Star Wars A.P. Atkinson – and Seth (a little bit) One of the most divisive topics of our time, even more so than ‘should Brandon go’ is the ferocious debate over which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars. Let’s answer this question once and for all by applying logic to shows

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The Curse of Continuity

The Curse of Continuity Can Canon at All Costs be a Counterproductive Crutch? By – Seth Godwynn Nobody likes it when a franchise contradicts itself, but often the opposite can be far, far worse. Over-reliance and over-insistence on staying true to an official continuity can often become an off-kilter crutch and an excuse for weak

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