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Internonsense – Part 1

Internonsense – Part 1 Jack and Seth The internet is the source of the world’s very finest nonsense, stupidity and outright bullshit. We live in an age where common-sense has been exchanged for a handful of magic beans, where writers come out in support of book-bannings and Mr Potatohead became the new face of villainy …

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Rambling Incoherent Gibberish

Rambling Incoherent Gibberish (How I claimed the hole) Seth Godwynn Aside from spending three years attaining an honours degree while simultaneously holding down a full-time job, running a business and learning a second language, then moving halfway around the world to Japan, getting citizenship, getting my mugshot on the cover of Newsweek, buying a house, …

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How James came to be…

How James came to be… A.P. Atkinson (Jack) 5 years ago this weekend, something terrible happened. It was a dark day, a day of screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth. My son, James was born, and it also quite hurt his mother, apparently. He blinked his way into the world with a slightly confused, and …

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Being married to Aya

Being married to Aya A.P. Atkinson I never wanted to get married, in fact it would be more true to say I wanted never to get married. Ironically, I managed to get engaged three times before, not bad for someone with an apparent morbid fear of commitment. I have a brother and he grew up …

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