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The World About Turns Launch

The World About Turns The most important release of poetry in modern times It is with great, immense, vast, huge, incredible and distinct pleasure that we at Edgeverse can announce our latest publication, ‘The World About Turns’. This collection of poetry by the master craftsman, this creative genius, this Cadillac among men, Al Warcock, is […]

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Free 5-day Giveaway

Free 5-Day giveaway Jack and Seth The 5 greatest books you’ve never read are now free! You wanted free books, we want people to read our books so the logical thing to happen, since nobody is buying them, is to give them away free. All next week, you can download a free book from Amazon

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Blips Preview

Blips Preview DAISY Sometimes, you sit around in the mid-afternoon, sipping on your second cup of coffee of the morning and thinking about where the time goes. You need a review for your up-coming book and it’s so dreadfully awful that you worry that if a human being reads it, their head might be sucked

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Coming Soon – BLIPS

Blips A.P. Atkinson Coming soon – A book about the universe falling prey to a carelessly discarded banana. Why should you care? Number 1 and Number 2 have one job. All they have to do is make sure that the universe doesn’t completely fall to pieces because someone threw a banana at it. Today, they’re

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Free Day Today

Free Day Today Jack Jack introduces a Vlog about our free book download. Watch in horror as this talking potato describes the terrible things that the imaginations of Seth and he have unleashed upon the world. To celebrate the launch of our site, we’re giving away every book on there for free this

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Free book giveaway

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY Jack and Seth is proud to celebrate the official, or at least not entirely unofficial, launch of our site by taking the ridiculously counter-intuitive step of giving everything away for free. From Thursday the 15th of April, 2021, all of our books on Amazon will be completely free for you to

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Blips – Coming soon

The other ‘Blips’ A.P. Atkinson One of the three novels we have up for free on our site is ‘Blips’, a novel which isn’t really a novel, isn’t free and isn’t on our site. While this might seem like the kind of contradiction you’d expect while trying to rationalise with someone who thinks cancel-culture is

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It is alive!

The Website is finally live Stunning outbreak of competency shocks and amuses everyone The site is live. This is the biggest news we’ve had in a long time, but also the news that has the absolutely least point in being here. If you didn’t already know about the site, you certainly wouldn’t be reading this.

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