Silver: Cafe Noir

Carolina Sorn

She's always known she was different. She's about to find out why.

Silver is a teenage student living in the capitol city of Tapor. Her father was an American and he left when she was very young. She’s always known that she was different from other people and she has built a secret second life that she hides from everyone that knows her.

Can she keep her two lives separate, keeping her teachers, her friends and her family from discovering the truth?

One wrong move and both lives might come crashing down around her and then, who knows what she might discover?

Cafe Noir is a Young-Adult novel set in the fictional Asian country of Tapor. Written by new Young-adult author, Carolina Sorn when she was still 18, this book follows the life of a half-American student, Silver. As well as studying in a private school in the capitol, she has a part-time job in the afternoon, probably the worst possible job a teenager could have.

As well as being a classic coming-of-age story, this tells the tale of a young girl finding out who she really is, in every sense. This is about Silver going on a journey of discovery to find out the truth about her past, present and future.

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