Fight Club - Discussion and Analysis

Our own Jack made a guest appearance on Cosmic Futon’s show, discussing and analyses David Fincher’s masterpiece, Fight Club. Against the odds, the conversation mostly sticks to the point and finds some new angles to discuss, breaking the narrative even more widely open. Check it out here.

Hollywood has become nothing more than a cynical exercise in making money, while driving its own politics. Get back to making movies people like, or it will all soon be over. They need competent directors and brave producers who are willing to take risks; we need actors with their own personalities, and we need stories with real vision. We don’t need Paul Feig, who actively insults women by using them as a novelty tactic to advance his career, and then attacks his audience for seeing through it. 

These people need to remember that these movies are made for the audience—their products belong to them, not to the studios. The buying public is reminding them of that now and they might be waking up to it. 

We’ll see. 

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